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Hyundai Motors Launch SANTA FE In 2024

Hyundai Motor Company reaffirmed its global design prowess today by clinching the prestigious 2024 Red Dot Award for the SANTA FE in the Product Design

Hyundai Motor Company reaffirmed its global design prowess today by clinching the prestigious 2024 Red Dot Award for the SANTA FE in the Product Design. Securing one of the world’s top three design accolades, Hyundai Motor underscores the excellence of its customer-centric, lifestyle-oriented design philosophy.

“We are immensely honored to receive recognition from the Red Dot Design Awards for these significant vehicles and innovations. This acknowledgment is a tribute to the exceptional dedication demonstrated by our visionary design team, who poured their unwavering passion and commitment into this project, alongside our collaborative engineers at the R&D center. It underscores the remarkable competitiveness of Hyundai’s design identity within the global market,” stated Sangyup Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Hyundai & Genesis Global Design.


With its ‘Open for More’ design concept, the fifth-generation SANTA FE midsize SUV redefines outdoor pursuits by offering a class-leading, terrace-like living space at the rear, made possible by its extended wheelbase and enlarged tailgate opening. The longer wheelbase also enables enhanced third-row seating, ensuring a comfortable ride.

The extended wheelbase of the SANTA FE allows for a striking roofline, creating a bold and commanding presence on the road. This elongation also enhances the vehicle’s proportions, amplifying the volume around the fenders and accentuating the sharply defined wheel arches. With a shortened front overhang, the SANTA FE exudes agility and dynamism, ready to conquer any terrain with confidence.

Adding to its imposing stance, the SANTA FE rides on impressive 21-inch wheels, further elevating its visual appeal and enhancing its on-road performance. At the rear, the design is characterized by a harmonious balance and simplicity, with H-shaped taillights adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that the SANTA FE makes a lasting impression from every angle, combining style with functionality seamlessly.

Boasting a boxy shape and distinctive silhouette derived from its long wheelbase and wide tailgate area, the all-new SANTA FE exudes grandeur with its high hood, H-shaped headlamps, and bold fenders. The H-shaped design elements reinterpret Hyundai’s iconic ‘H’ emblem.

Drawing inspiration from natural light, both the interior and exterior colors of the SANTA FE are carefully curated to evoke a sense of vitality and inspiration, enriching everyday experiences and adventures with a harmonious blend of style and functionality.

The interior of the fifth-generation SANTA FE delivers an expansive living environment akin to a terrace when the tailgate is opened. With foldable second-and third-row seats, it offers class-leading interior space, ensuring ample room for passengers and cargo alike. Characterized by a refined aesthetic, the interior design accentuates horizontal and vertical lines, incorporating an H-motif design for a touch of sophistication.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology, the SANTA FE boasts a Panoramic Curved Display and dual wireless charging capabilities, enhancing convenience and connectivity for occupants. In line with Hyundai’s commitment to sustainability, the interior features sustainable materials such as recycled plastic and eco-friendly leatherette, aligning with eco-conscious lifestyles.


Hyundai Motor and Kia collaboration with Exide

Hyundai Motor and Kia have embarked on a strategic collaboration with Exide Energy to localize electric vehicle battery production in India, marking a significant milestone in their endeavors toward sustainable mobility

Hyundai Motor Company and Kia Corporation have solidified a strategic partnership with Exide Energy Solutions Ltd. for the localization of electric vehicle (EV) batteries in India, marking a significant milestone in their expansion plans within the Indian EV market.

The signing ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) took place at Hyundai Motor Group’s Namyang Research and Development Center in South Korea.
Among the notable individuals in attendance were Heui Won Yang, serving as President and Head of Hyundai Motor and Kia’s R&D Division, Chang Hwan Kim, who holds the position of Head of Electrification Energy Solutions Tech Unit, Duk Gyo Jeong, overseeing the Electric Vehicle Parts Purchasing Sub-Division, and Dr. Mandar V Deo, who serves as the Managing Director and CEO of Exide Energy.

Hyundai Motor and Kia intend to localize EV battery production for the Indian market, with a specific focus on lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) cells. This strategic move positions them as pioneers in utilizing locally manufactured batteries in their forthcoming EV models tailored for the Indian market.

Heui Won Yang, President and Head of Hyundai Motor and Kia’s R&D Division, emphasized the importance of India’s vehicle electrification market, highlighting the government’s carbon neutrality goals. He stressed the significance of achieving cost competitiveness through localized battery production, citing it as a key factor in gaining a competitive advantage.

With its headquarters in Kolkata, Exide Industries Ltd. boasts an impressive legacy spanning more than 75 years, establishing itself as a prominent leader in the realm of lead-acid batteries within the market. Exide Energy Solutions Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Exide Industries Ltd., was established in 2022 to venture into the manufacturing of Lithium-Ion cells, modules, and packs, offering various chemistries and form factors.

This strategic collaboration marks the beginning of Hyundai Motor and Kia’s efforts to expand their exclusive battery development, production, supply, and partnerships in the Indian market. Recognizing India’s prominence in the global automotive industry and its rapid emergence as a critical player in EV production and sales, Hyundai Motor and Kia are strategically positioning themselves to lead the Indian automotive market by introducing EV models, and establishing themselves as frontrunners.

Hyundai Creta N Line

Hyundai Creta N Line Ahead of Launch on March 11

Hyundai Creta N Line Booking starts for Rs 25,000

Hyundai has kicked off bookings for the Creta N Line, requiring a modest token amount of Rs 25,000, with the highly anticipated launch scheduled for March 11. Representing the third model in Hyundai’s lineup to receive the coveted N Line treatment, the Creta N Line promises to elevate the driving experience with sportier exterior and interior enhancements, along with a meticulously retuned suspension and steering geometry.

Hyundai Creta N Line Front

Hyundai has provided a sneak peek into the Creta N Line’s dynamic exterior, showcasing a redesigned front grille and bumper assembly characterized by angular cuts and wider air inlets, exuding a bold and aggressive stance. The larger roof-mounted spoiler and a revamped rear bumper with a prominent diffuser enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamic profile.

Meanwhile, other things – L-shaped LED daytime running lights and headlamps – remain the same. On the sides, there are N Line-specific red accents and side skirts, N Line badging, and bigger 18-inch alloy wheels with red brake calipers. Notably, a thunder blue option with a black roof adds an extra touch of sophistication to the lineup.

Hyundai Creta N Line: Interior

While interior images remain under wraps for now, enthusiasts can expect an all-black dashboard with contrast red accents throughout the cabin, creating an ambiance of sporty sophistication. Anticipated N Line-specific upgrades may include a distinctive steering wheel, gear lever, and metal pedals, complementing the top-spec trim’s already impressive array of features and gadgets.

Hyundai Creta N Line Ahead of Launch on March 11
Hyundai Creta N Line Rear Look

Hyundai Creta N Line: Powertrain

Under the hood, the Creta N Line boasts a robust 160hp turbo-petrol engine, available with both manual and dual-clutch automatic transmissions. Adding to the allure are two striking new color options – blue and matte grey – offering customers a broader spectrum of choices to suit their preferences.

Mechanically, the Creta N Line promises an exhilarating driving experience, courtesy of its retuned suspension setup, enhanced steering dynamics, and a sportier exhaust system with twin tips. Enthusiasts will particularly appreciate the inclusion of a proper 6-speed manual gearbox, alongside the 7-speed dual-clutch automatic option.

Upon its launch, the Creta N Line is poised to carve its niche in the market, offering a unique blend of style, performance, and sophistication. While it may not have direct rivals upon release, its arrival will undoubtedly stir the segment, with enthusiasts eagerly awaiting its arrival.

Hyundai Creta N Line: Price, Bookings

The Hyundai Creta N Line will go on sale alongside the standard Creta, which falls between Rs 11 lakh and Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom). Being a sportier version, the Creta N Line will command a premium over the regular version. With an expected markup of approximately Rs 50,000 over the regular Creta, the N Line variant promises exceptional value for discerning customers seeking a distinctive driving experience.

Hyundai Motors CY-23 Sales, 6Lakhs units Sold

Hyundai Motors CY-23 Sales, 6Lakhs units Sold

In the dynamic landscape of the automobile industry, Hyundai Motor India has etched a significant milestone in the annals of 2023. The esteemed automaker has not just steered sales but achieved an astounding feat, recording sales totaling an impressive 7.66 lakh units in the year. This remarkable figure signifies a robust 9 percent growth for the company, setting a new record for sales. In comparison, the manufacturer sold a total of 7.01 lakh units in 2022. The stellar performance is a testament to Hyundai’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Hyundai Motors Domestic Sales Surge

Hyundai Motor India marked its highest-ever domestic sales in a calendar year during 2023, with over 6.02 lakh units sold. This represents a commendable 9 percent increase over the previous year’s sales figure of 5.53 lakh units. The domestic market has shown a strong preference for Hyundai vehicles, reflecting the brand’s resonance with customers seeking quality, innovation, and reliability in their mobility choices.

Hyundai Motors Export Stories

Hyundai’s global footprint also witnessed a remarkable expansion with a 10 percent surge in exports. The year 2023 saw the export of 1.64 lakh units, up from 1.48 lakh units in 2022. This global outreach underscores Hyundai’s prowess in meeting the diverse needs of markets beyond India, further solidifying its position as a leading player on the international automotive stage.

Closing the year on a high note, Hyundai Motor India reported total sales of 56,450 units in December 2023. Out of this, 42,750 units were sold domestically, while 13,700 units found homes in the international market. This strong finish to the year reflects Hyundai’s ability to maintain momentum and sustain customer interest.

Hyundai Motors COO Commitment

Mr. Tarun Garg, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Hyundai Motor India, expressed his views on the stellar sales figures. In the significant year 2023, Hyundai Motor India marked a historic milestone, experiencing a pivotal moment in its journey. The company achieved an unprecedented feat by recording its all-time highest domestic sales, reaching an impressive figure of 602,111 units.

This remarkable accomplishment signifies not only a numerical triumph but also underscores a noteworthy growth rate of 9%, a testament to Hyundai’s unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. The year stands out as a watershed moment in Hyundai’s history, reflecting the brand’s resilience and ability to thrive in a competitive automotive landscape. over LY sales volume.” The company’s ability to surpass industry growth, estimated at around 8.2%, underscores the trust customers place in the Hyundai brand. Mr. Garg also highlighted Hyundai’s proactive approach to expanding annual production capacity by 50,000 units to meet the growing demand from customers.

Hyundai Motors Commitment to Safety

Hyundai Motors’s commitment to customer safety was underscored by Mr. Garg, mentioning that the brand has become synonymous with a high level of safety. Hyundai Motor India is the first mass automobile brand in the country to standardize six airbags across all models and trims. The company’s dedication to safety received validation with the Hyundai Verna securing a 5-star rating from the Global New Car Assessment Programme (GNCAP). The recently launched Hyundai Exter has not only garnered acclaim from customers and critics but has also achieved the milestone of 1 lakh bookings.

Aligning with Hyundai Motors’s group vision of “Progress for Humanity,” Hyundai Motor India introduced the ‘Samarth’ initiative in 2023. This corporate endeavor aims to support differently-abled individuals and foster an inclusive environment. As Hyundai looks to the future, the commitment to India remains unwavering, with a pledge to bring forth products and technologies that resonate with customers’ aspirations.

2023 Hyundai Verna
2023 Hyundai Verna

Hyundai Motors Upcoming Models in 2024:

Hyundai Motors’s presence spans various automotive segments in the Indian market, offering a diverse range of reliable and high-performing products. The upcoming year, 2024, holds exciting prospects for Hyundai enthusiasts as the brand plans to introduce several new models, including the Creta facelift, the Ioniq 6, the new Electric, the Facelift Alcazar, and the new Gen Tucson.

The much-anticipated all-new Creta SUV is set to lead the charge, featuring significant modifications such as a new look, a turbocharged petrol engine, and Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) capabilities. The redesigned SUV is poised to compete with rivals like the Honda Elevate, Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, MG Astor, Kia Seltos, and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder. Noteworthy enhancements in the 2024 Creta include Level 2 ADAS, new upholstery, a revised center console and dashboard, and an enhanced 360-degree camera for improved safety and convenience.

On the mechanical front, Hyundai is expected to continue offering the well-received 1.5-litre naturally aspirated petrol and diesel engine choices. A notable addition to the powertrain lineup is a new 1.5-litre turbo-petrol engine, available with either a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission (DCT) or a six-speed manual gearbox. Additionally, consumers can expect options such as a continuously variable transmission (CVT), automatic torque converter, and a six-speed intelligent Manual Transmission (IMT).

As Hyundai Motor India charts its course into 2024, the brand remains committed to delivering innovative, safe, and technologically advanced vehicles that resonate with the evolving preferences of Indian consumers. With a strong foundation built on the pillars of excellence, Hyundai is poised to continue its journey as a frontrunner in the Indian automotive landscape. As the automotive industry transforms and embraces new challenges, Hyundai stands ready to offer exciting products and experiences that elevate the driving journey for customers across the nation.