2023 Toyota Land Cruiser

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser History

Originally introduced as the “Toyota BJ” in 1951, the Land Cruiser has been a stalwart in Toyota’s lineup, evolving to meet the diverse needs of its global customer base. Over the past 70 years, it has not only supported lives and livelihoods worldwide but has promised a safe return from any adventure. With over 10.6 million units cherished by customers in 170 countries and regions, the Land Cruiser has become a symbol of exploration and dependability.

The Toyota Land Cruiser, a name synonymous with durability and reliability, stands tall as an icon in the automotive world. With a legacy spanning decades, it has been the vehicle of choice for off-road enthusiasts, global organizations like the United Nations, heads of state, and individuals wielding power. In 2021, Toyota ushered in a new era with the introduction of the ‘300’ Series, or LC300, marking the successor to the LC200. The global demand for this new iteration has reached unprecedented levels, with waiting periods extending over several years.

The Land Cruiser 300 Series represents a complete redesign from its predecessor, the 200 Series launched in 2007. Toyota’s development objectives were clear: inherit and evolve the Land Cruiser’s essence of “reliability, durability, and off-road performance,” and create a driving experience that is both easy and enduring on any global road.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Design

While the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300’s dimensions might draw parallels with its predecessor, it’s a whole new generation beneath the surface. Built on the TNGA-F platform, featuring a 20% stiffer ladder-frame, and shedding a remarkable 200kg compared to the LC200, it exudes innovation. The exterior maintains its imposing presence with a sculpted bonnet, a bolder grille, and chrome accents, striking a balance between aggression and sophistication.

A user-friendly interior with optimized instrument panel and switch locations also
by placing feet under the rear bumper automatically opens and closes the rear trunk.
Fingerprint authentication, advanced Toyota Safety Sense package, makes LC remarkable and more.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Features

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 requires a deliberate effort, but the interior rewards with throne-like front seats offering supreme comfort. The cabin is bathed in light, thanks to generous use of beige and expansive windows. Soft leather, wood, and aluminum inlays add a touch of luxury. However, some dummy switches and a slightly basic touchscreen in a car of this caliber might leave tech enthusiasts wanting more.

Toyota Land Cruiser Cabin
Toyota Land Cruiser Cabin

In India, the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 is a 5-seater, and the absence of a third row translates to a cavernous 1,131-liter boot. While the rear lacks the generosity expected from its exterior length, it compensates with seat heating and cooling, four-zone climate control, and rear passenger temperature control. The LC’s focus on luxury is evident, but a sliding middle row and panoramic sunroof could have enhanced the experience.

The 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 offers a heightened level of comfort with its heated and ventilated seats, available for both the front and second rows. This feature ensures an optimal and soothing environment, adapting to varying weather conditions and personal preferences. The front seats, resembling thrones in their design, provide exceptional support and luxury, creating a superior driving experience.

Enhancing practicality, the Center Console Box stands out with its spacious and functional design, featuring a two-sided opening structure. This not only adds convenience for the driver but also ensures accessibility from different seating positions, catering to the needs of both the front and rear passengers.

To further elevate the interior ambiance, the Land Cruiser 300 incorporates nanoe™ X technology, releasing ions from the driver’s side air outlet to create a comfortable and refreshing air environment. This innovative feature contributes to an enhanced driving experience by promoting a sense of well-being within the vehicle.

For those seeking advanced navigation and data display options, the optional High-Resolution 12.3-inch Widescreen Touch Display is available. This large and sophisticated screen provides an easy-to-use interface for navigation, audio controls, air-conditioning adjustments, and off-road performance data, adding a technological edge to the Land Cruiser 300’s interior.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Specs

The LC300 bids farewell to the V8 diesel, welcoming a 3.3-liter twin-turbo V6 diesel producing 309hp and 700Nm for India. While the engine’s grumbly note might be a departure from petrol-like smoothness, its torque delivery is robust. The 10-speed transmission ensures a relaxed highway cruise, and the massive 110-liter fuel tank minimizes refueling stops.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 retains traditional off-road mobility and performance with Multi Terrain Select which provides support in challenging road conditions with six modes.
Multi Terrain Monitor: Uses four cameras to help the driver check conditions around the vehicle.
12.3-inch Display with Off-Road Function: Displays inclinometer data, locking differential engagement, and more.
Though not a sports car, the LC300 impresses with its pliant ride quality, efficiently handling potholes and road imperfections. Off-road, it transcends expectations, boasting similar statistics to the LC200, augmented by modern features like Multi-Terrain Select, Crawl Control, and Downhill Assist Control.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Price

In 2023, India welcomed the 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 as a Completely Built Unit (CBU), sporting a price tag of Rs 2.10 crore (ex-showroom). Available exclusively in a 5-seater configuration with a diesel engine, this Land Cruiser addresses the fervent anticipation among Indian enthusiasts.

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser Verdict

2023 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 priced at Rs 2.10 crore, which is undeniably expensive. Yet, its unrivaled toughness, Toyota’s reliability, and its capability to conquer any terrain while offering a luxurious ride make it a unique proposition. For those with deep pockets seeking a dependable and comfortable SUV that stands the test of time, the Land Cruiser 300 is unparalleled, even if it means enduring a substantial wait. In the realm of luxury SUVs, nothing quite matches the LC’s toughness and legacy.

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