Skoda Kodiaq and Superb Achieve 5-STAR EURO NCAP

Skoda Kodiaq and Superb Achieve 5-STAR EURO NCAP

New Models Continue Skoda’s Legacy of Excellence in Safety: The Skoda Kodiaq scored 84% of the total maximum points, while the Skoda Superb achieved 87%, solidifying their positions as some of the safest vehicles on the market.

The all-new Skoda Kodiaq and Superb have secured the prestigious five-star rating in the latest Euro NCAP safety tests. These top ratings underline Skoda’s unwavering commitment to safety, marking another milestone in the brand’s history of producing secure, reliable vehicles.

Impressive Safety Scores

Skoda Kodiaq:

Adult Occupant Protection: 89%
Child Occupant Protection: 83%
Vulnerable Road User Protection: 82%
Safety Assist Systems: 78%

Skoda Superb:

Adult Occupant Protection: 93%
Child Occupant Protection: 87%
Vulnerable Road User Protection: 82%
Safety Assist Systems: 80%
These results highlight the robust safety features of these vehicles and position the Skoda Superb as the second-safest car in the 2024 Euro NCAP rankings.

Commitment to Safety

The safety of our customers and all other road users is our top priority. Therefore, we are delighted to receive five-star ratings for the second-generation Skoda Kodiaq and fourth-generation Skoda Superb in the Euro NCAP test. We take immense pride in our outstanding results for Adult and Child Occupant protection. Continuing our streak of five-star ratings, even under the more rigorous test criteria introduced in 2023, underscores our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest safety standards.” – Johannes Neft, Škoda Auto Board Member for Technical Development.

Advanced Safety Features and Design

Both the Skoda Kodiaq and Superb have been engineered to meet the highest safety standards. They feature hot-formed, high-strength steel components in critical areas such as the A- and B-pillars, firewall, and tunnel console. This robust construction is complemented by extensive crumple zones and multiple airbags – up to ten in the Superb and up to nine in the Kodiaq, including a central airbag between the front seats.

Comprehensive Assistance Systems

Both models are equipped with state-of-the-art assistance systems designed to alert drivers to potential collisions and actively help prevent them. Key systems include:

Front Assist with predictive pedestrian and cyclist protection
Side Assist including Rear Traffic Alert
Collision Avoidance Assist
Turn Assist
Crossroad Assist
Exit Warning
Travel Assist further supports the driver with longitudinal and lateral control, incorporating Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), Adaptive Lane Assist with roadworks recognition, Crew Protect Assist, Traffic Jam Assist, and Emergency Assist. New nano radar sensors enhance the performance of these systems, providing more comprehensive coverage and improved safety.

Attention and Drowsiness Assist monitors driver behavior, assessing fatigue levels and issuing visual and acoustic warnings when necessary.

Euro NCAP: A Benchmark for Safety

Established in 1997, the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) is a collaborative initiative involving transport ministries, automobile clubs, insurance associations, and research institutes from across Europe. It conducts rigorous crash tests on current vehicle models, assessing both active and passive safety features. Euro NCAP continually updates its criteria to reflect advances in vehicle safety technology, with the latest updates implemented in 2023.


The five-star ratings for the Skoda Kodiaq and Superb in the Euro NCAP tests reaffirm Skoda’s commitment to producing vehicles that prioritize safety above all else. With advanced safety features, robust construction, and comprehensive assistance systems, these models set new benchmarks in automotive safety, ensuring peace of mind for drivers and passengers alike.

Mercedes-AMG GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+

The New Mercedes-AMG GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+

The New Mercedes-AMG GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+: Unleashing Agility on the Racetrack

Mercedes-AMG has unveiled the latest addition to its AMG GT family, the new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ (provisional figures; combined energy consumption: 14.1 l/100 km | CO₂ emissions combined: 319 g/km | CO₂ class: G). This high-performance vehicle is designed for car enthusiasts seeking exceptional driving dynamics, particularly on racetracks. With increased power, enhanced aerodynamics, and improved cooling, the GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ promises a sportier driving experience and faster lap times.

Power and Performance

At the heart of the GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ is a 4.0-litre V8 biturbo engine, delivering an impressive 450 kW (612 hp). This powerhouse generates 20 kW (27 hp) more than the AMG GT 63 and boasts a maximum torque of 850 Nm, providing robust acceleration. The vehicle can sprint from 0 to 200 km/h in just 10.9 seconds and reaches a top speed of 317 km/h. This performance boost is achieved through an upgraded engine control unit, highlighting Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to superior propulsion and driving dynamics.

Optimized Aerodynamics and Cooling

The GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ features standalone body components that reduce aerodynamic lift, contributing to enhanced stability and precision at high speeds. The redesigned front apron and additional air deflectors made of visible carbon fibre around the enlarged side air intakes improve airflow. The active aerodynamic profile in the underbody, along with the AIRPANEL active air control system and a fixed rear wing, further optimize the vehicle’s aerodynamic performance.

To ensure the drivetrain remains cool under intense conditions, Mercedes-AMG has expanded the cooler package. Two radiators are positioned in the left and right front wheel arches, enhancing cooling efficiency. The top-mounted radiators for the differentials and transfer case of the all-wheel drive system are actively cooled with electrically operated water pumps. This setup ensures consistent heat dissipation and maintains performance levels during demanding driving sessions.

Enhanced Driving Dynamics

The GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ offers a blend of high performance and practicality. The AMG ACTIVE RIDE CONTROL suspension with active roll stabilisation, rear-axle steering, and active aerodynamics enhance drivability. The vehicle’s aerodynamic lift on the front axle is reduced by over 30 kilograms, resulting in more precise steering behavior. The integration of additional air deflectors on the underbody, similar to those on the Mercedes-AMG ONE, accelerates airflow and improves overall performance.

Specifications at a Glance

  • Engine: Eight-cylinder V with direct injection and twin turbocharging
  • Displacement: 3,982 cm³
  • Power Figure: 612 hp at 5,500-6,500 rpm
  • Peak Torque: 850 Nm at 2,350-5,000 rpm
  • Drive System Layout: Fully variable all-wheel drive AMG Performance 4MATIC+
  • Transmission: AMG SPEEDSHIFT MCT 9G
  • Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 3.2 seconds
  • Top Speed: 317 km/h
  • Combined Energy Consumption: 14.1 l/100 km
  • CO₂ Emissions Combined: 319 g/km
  • CO₂ Class: G

High-Performance Brakes and Wheels

The GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ is equipped with a standard AMG ceramic high-performance composite brake system. This system includes six-piston fixed callipers at the front and one-piston floating callipers at the rear, with 420-millimetre brake discs on the front axle. These are the largest standard ceramic brake discs available from Mercedes-AMG, offering superior durability, fade resistance, and weight reduction. The vehicle also features 21-inch forged wheels in a cross-spoke design, fitted with Michelin Pilot Sport 5 tyres as standard. Optional Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2R tyres are available at no extra charge.

Motorsport-Inspired Design

The GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ embodies a motorsport aesthetic, with an AMG Exterior Carbon Fibre package that includes a front splitter, side sills, diffuser, and rear wing in high-quality carbon fibre. These elements reinforce the vehicle’s sporty character and provide an immersive driving experience.


The new Mercedes-AMG GT 63 PRO 4MATIC+ sets a new benchmark in the AMG GT family, combining high performance with everyday usability. Its powerful V8 engine, enhanced aerodynamics, and advanced cooling systems make it ideal for both road use and racetrack performance. As Michael Schiebe, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH, stated, “The new AMG GT 63 PRO is the sportiest model in our AMG GT family. It offers a high degree of everyday usability while delivering outstanding performance on the racetrack.” This model is a testament to Mercedes-AMG’s dedication to innovation, performance, and luxury.

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), Pirelli Tyres

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) New FSC Certified Tyres

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has made a groundbreaking move by partnering with global tyre manufacturer Pirelli to pioneer the use of FSC-certified natural rubber tyres across its luxury vehicle range.

In a historic industry-first, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) will become the first luxury car manufacturer to adopt FSC-certified tyres at scale. This transition will see over 250,000 FSC-certified tyres from Pirelli fitted to JLR vehicles annually, starting with the new Range Rover Electric.

Commitment to Sustainability

This collaboration represents a significant milestone in sustainable tyre production and adoption, reinforcing Jaguar Land Rover (JLR’s) commitment to responsible sourcing. As part of its Reimagine strategy, JLR is dedicated to ensuring that the natural rubber used in its tyre production is traceable at every stage, from origin to the final product.

The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) chain of custody certification process plays a crucial role in this initiative. It ensures that FSC-certified material is identified and kept separate from non-certified material throughout the supply chain, guaranteeing that the rubber is sustainably farmed to the highest standards.

Leadership in Sustainable Luxury

Andrea Debbane, Sustainability Director at JLR, expressed her excitement about this partnership, stating, “This is an exciting point in our sustainable luxury journey, as we partner with Pirelli, By choosing Pirelli’s FSC-certified tyres, we’re offering our clients high-quality, high-performance tyres whilst supporting responsible forest management and protecting the communities in our rubber supply chain to drive real progress.”

Pirelli’s Sustainability Commitment

Pirelli’s Head of Sustainability & New Mobility, Matteo Battaini, highlighted the importance of this partnership, noting, “Innovation in materials and reliability on our products’ sustainability features are a must for us. The FSC certification confirms that forests are managed to preserve biological diversity while benefiting local workers and communities in a way that is economically beneficial for them.

Increasing Awareness and Adoption

FSC insights show that awareness and understanding of the FSC logo is on the rise. In addition to incorporating FSC-certified products across JLR’s portfolio, Pirelli and JLR are working together to increase the percentage of sustainable and recycled content in all tyres supplied to JLR. This collaboration aligns with their shared sustainability ambitions and marks a significant step forward in sustainable tyre production.

Setting New Benchmarks

JLR has also strengthened its global sourcing process to enable supplier evaluation based on ESG criteria. This effort aims to set new benchmarks for environmental, societal, and community impact within the luxury business sector. By empowering buyers to collect supplier-specific ESG data, JLR can identify and select suppliers that meet the highest standards related to environmental performance, labour practices, and social responsibility.

About JLR

Jaguar Land Rover is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tata Motors Limited, part of Tata Sons. The company is targeting carbon net zero across its supply chain, products, and operations by 2039. To achieve this, JLR has set a roadmap to reduce emissions across its operations and value chains by 2030 through approved, science-based targets. Electrification is central to this strategy, with plans for pure electric models in the Range Rover, Discovery, and Defender collections by the end of the decade, and an entirely electric Jaguar lineup.

Global Presence

At its core, JLR is a British company with two design and engineering sites, three vehicle manufacturing facilities, an engine manufacturing centre, and a battery assembly centre in the UK. JLR also operates vehicle plants in China, Brazil, India, Austria, and Slovakia, along with seven technology hubs globally.


JLR’s partnership with Pirelli to adopt FSC-certified natural rubber tyres across its luxury vehicle range marks a significant step towards sustainable luxury. This collaboration not only supports responsible forest management but also sets new standards for the automotive industry. With a strong commitment to sustainability and innovation, JLR is redefining luxury in a way that benefits both people and the planet.


BYD ATTO 3 At A Launch Price Of RS 24.99 Lakh

BYD India Enhances Accessibility and Expands Product Portfolio With Three All-New Variants of the BYD ATTO 3, Starting at an Introductory Ex-showroom Price of INR 24.99 Lakh.

This strategic expansion follows the tremendous success and overwhelming customer interest in the original BYD ATTO 3. The new variants aim to cater to a more diverse customer base, making sustainable motoring more accessible with the Dynamic variant starting at an introductory ex-showroom price of INR 24.99 Lakh.

Dynamic, Performance, and Superior Variants Offer Enhanced Choices to Suit Individual Lifestyles
The New ATTO 3 Edition Will Also Feature the New Cosmos Black Color
BYD India, a subsidiary of the world’s leading New Energy Vehicles (NEV) manufacturer, is set to revolutionize the electric vehicle market in India with the launch of three new variants of the BYD ATTO 3. This premier Born EV pure electric SUV now includes the Dynamic, Premium, and Superior variants, along with an all-new Cosmos Black Edition, designed to offer customers enhanced accessibility and a wider range of choices.

Enhanced Performance and Features Across Variants

Each variant has been meticulously crafted to meet the unique needs of BYD India’s customers and has received certification from the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI). The Premium and Superior variants offer an impressive range of 521 km* ARAI tested and 480 km* NEDC with a battery capacity of 60.48 kWh. The Dynamic model, with a robust battery capacity of 49.92 kWh, offers a commendable range of 468 km* ARAI tested and 410 km* NEDC. These specifications underscore BYD’s commitment to delivering vehicles with exceptional performance and efficiency.

The Gamechanger Of Indian EV

The homologation certificate from ARAI further reinforces BYD India’s credibility and commitment to its customers. With an expanding dealership network comprising 26 showrooms across 23 cities, BYD India is dedicated to providing first-rate service across the country.

Mr. Rajeev Chauhan, the Head of Electric Passenger Vehicles (EPV) Business at BYD India, shared his thoughts on the new launch, stating, “The introduction of our extended lineup with three new variants of the BYD ATTO 3 – Dynamic, Premium, and Superior – marks a significant milestone for BYD and a pivotal moment for the Indian electric vehicle market.

We are also excited to unveil the Cosmos Black Edition, which adds a stylish and distinctive option to our range. Our diverse offerings not only broaden our product portfolio but also pave the way for a more inclusive EV future. Our goal is to make premium electric mobility accessible to a wider audience. With these new variants, we are taking a major step toward achieving this vision.”

Features At Glance

The three new variants of the BYD ATTO 3, equipped with the ultra-safe Blade Battery, are set to mark a new era in India’s electric vehicle segment. Offering a fine balance between accessibility and range, these models feature battery capacities of either 49.92 kWh or 60.48 kWh, with rapid charging capabilities from 0% to 80% within 50 minutes. The dynamic exterior, rhythmic interior, and advanced features such as 7 airbags, a panoramic sunroof, and a 360° holographic imaging system, make the new variants of the BYD ATTO 3 a significant step forward in sustainable motoring.

BYD’s Global Achievements and Future Vision

BYD continues to make its mark on the global stage, achieving an impressive total of 7.3 million sales worldwide. Its sustained position within the Top 10 global automotive brands, as per the Kantar BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands 2024 report, and a brand value exceeding US$10 billion, attest to the success and trust customers place in the brand. BYD will continue to accelerate the transition towards a greener future, contributing to its vision to ‘Cool the Earth by 1°C.’


BYD India’s introduction of the Dynamic, Premium, and Superior variants of the BYD ATTO 3, alongside the new Cosmos Black Edition, offers Indian customers enhanced choices and accessibility. Starting at an introductory ex-showroom price of INR 24.99 Lakh, these new variants set a new benchmark in the electric vehicle market, underlining BYD’s commitment to sustainable motoring and customer satisfaction. With its innovative features and impressive range, the BYD ATTO 3 is poised to lead the charge in India’s electric vehicle revolution.

New Partnership Of Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited

New Partnership Of Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited And Ecofy

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited (MLMML), a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (M&M), has announced a strategic partnership with Ecofy. This partnership is aimed at boosting the adoption of electric three-wheelers across the country by financing 10,000 units.

A Strategic Collaboration for Green Mobility

Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited MLMML, recognized as India’s leading electric three-wheeler manufacturer, offers an extensive range of electric vehicles designed to meet diverse customer needs. The collaboration with Ecofy, a key player in financing India’s green transition, is expected to provide tailored financial solutions that make green mobility more accessible and affordable.

Suman Mishra, MD & CEO of MLMML, stated, “Our partnership marks a significant stride in accelerating the adoption of electric three-wheelers in India. Rajashree Nambiar, Co-Founder, MD & CEO of Ecofy, added, “This partnership with Mahindra LMM perfectly aligns with our mission to promote sustainable transportation solutions.

Together, we will accelerate the adoption of electric three-wheelers, contributing directly to India’s target of achieving 30% EV penetration by 2030. Through this partnership, Ecofy now caters to 85% of industry demand and is already offering financing, leasing and subscription models.”

Addressing Market Demand and Growth Potential

The global market for electric three-wheelers, valued at approximately USD 677 million in 2020, is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of around 10% from 2021 to 2027. This growth is driven by robust government incentives and subsidies that promote electric mobility, making this partnership a crucial step towards a greener and more sustainable future for India’s transportation industry.

About Mahindra Last Mile Mobility (MLMML)

MLMML, a subsidiary of Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., is responsible for the company’s extensive range of last-mile mobility solutions. This includes a mix of electric, petrol, CNG, and diesel three and four-wheeler passenger and cargo vehicles. The lineup features popular models such as the Mahindra Jeeto 4-wheeler, Alfa range of 3-wheelers, and the electric-only Zor Grand and Treo range, which have been widely acclaimed for their performance and reliability.

About Ecofy

Ecofy, promoted by Eversource Capital, is positioned as India’s green-only financier and a leader in the rooftop solar financing space. The company is dedicated to accelerating the transition towards a net-zero carbon world by partnering with individuals and small businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Ecofy offers loans for electric vehicles (two and three-wheelers), rooftop solar projects, and small to medium enterprises, providing an end-to-end digital experience.

Driving Towards a Sustainable Future

The partnership between Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited and Ecofy is more than just a business collaboration; it is a commitment to driving sustainable change in India’s transportation sector. By combining Mahindra’s expertise in electric vehicle manufacturing with Ecofy’s innovative financing solutions, the two companies are paving the way for a greener future.

As India moves towards achieving its target of 30% EV penetration by 2030, this partnership stands as a testament to the potential of collaborative efforts in driving significant environmental and economic benefits. Through innovative financing and dedicated support, Mahindra Last Mile Mobility Limited and Ecofy are set to make a lasting impact on the landscape of sustainable mobility in India.

Tata Motors

Tata Motors Global Sales: 3,29847 Units In Q1 FY25

The Tata Motors Group has reported impressive global wholesales figures for the first quarter of FY25, showcasing its strong market presence and continued growth. The total global wholesales, including those from Jaguar Land Rover, reached 3,29,847 units, marking a 2% increase compared to Q1 FY25.

Commercial Vehicles and Tata Daewoo: Leading the Charge

One of the standout performances came from Tata Motor’s commercial vehicles and Tata Daewoo range. In Q1 FY25, the global wholesales for these vehicles were 93,410 units, a notable 6% increase over the same period in FY24. This growth underscores Tata Motors’ robust demand in the commercial vehicle sector, driven by their reliability, efficiency, and innovative features.

Passenger Vehicles: A Slight Decline

On the other hand, Tata Motor’s passenger vehicles saw a slight decline in global wholesales. In Q1 FY25, the figure stood at 138,682 units, representing a 1% decrease compared to Q1 FY24. Despite this minor drop, Tata Motors continues to be a significant player in the passenger vehicle market, known for their modern design, safety features, and technological advancements.

Jaguar Land Rover: Steady Growth

Jaguar Land Rover, the luxury subsidiary of Tata Motors, reported global wholesales of 97,755 vehicles in Q1 FY25, reflecting a 5% increase from Q1 FY24. Within this segment, Jaguar wholesales accounted for 8,227 vehicles, while Land Rover wholesales reached 89,528 vehicles. This growth highlights the sustained demand for luxury vehicles and the brand’s appeal to consumers seeking premium automotive experiences.

Jaguar: Maintaining Its Niche

Jaguar’s performance in Q1 FY25 remained solid with 8,227 units sold. The brand continues to attract enthusiasts and luxury car buyers with its blend of performance, innovation, and timeless design.

Land Rover: Dominating the Luxury SUV Market

Land Rover, known for its rugged yet luxurious SUVs, reported a robust wholesale figure of 89,528 units. The brand’s continued success is a testament to its strong heritage, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled off-road capabilities.


The Tata Motors Group’s global wholesales in Q1 FY25 highlight the company’s resilience and adaptability in a dynamic automotive market. With a 2% overall increase in wholesales, driven by strong performances in the commercial vehicle segment and steady growth in the luxury segment with Jaguar Land Rover. As the company moves forward, it remains committed to innovation, sustainability, and delivering value to its customers worldwide.

New Bentley Continental GT In A Unique Wrap

2024 Bentley Continental GT In A Unique Wrap

Bentley Motors has once again demonstrated its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community by unveiling a uniquely wrapped Continental GT Convertible.

Bentley Motors has once again demonstrated its unwavering support for the LGBTQ+ community by unveiling a uniquely wrapped Continental GT Convertible. This one-of-a-kind vehicle, designed specifically to celebrate Pride, will debut at Crewe Pride on July 6th. The eye-catching convertible, created by Designer Rich Morris, showcases the vibrant Progress flag colors and stands as a symbol of love, new life, and acceptance.

The Design: A Symbol of Unity and Acceptance

Rich Morris, the designer behind the latest Pride Car, drew inspiration from his previous work on the Unifying Spur. The design features a chaotic single black line with faces emerging from the scribble, representing the internal struggles many individuals face during their journey of self-discovery. Bright splashes of paint from the Progress Pride flag palette cover the car, symbolizing how makeup and styling can help individuals embrace their true selves. The colors and linework are also inspired by Holi, the Hindu festival of color, which celebrates spring, love, and new life.

“It has been an honor to work on this project for Bentley, following the success of my Unifying Spur design in 2021. This design symbolizes the darkness and uncertainty one may experience during self-discovery. It employs colors and linework inspired by both the Unifying Spur and the Hindu festival of Holi, the festival of color, which celebrates spring, love, and new life.

Bentley’s Year-Round Support for the LGBTQ+ Community

The unveiling of this special edition Continental GT Convertible is part of Bentley’s broader commitment to diversity and inclusion. Bentley will participate in the Crewe, Nantwich, and Manchester Pride events, along with community outreach activities throughout the year. Bentley’s LGBTQ+ colleagues, their partners, and allies will join the parades, reinforcing the company’s message of acceptance and authenticity in the workplace.

Celebrating Progress and Raising Awareness

The Pride parades celebrate the progress made towards equality and inclusion while continuing to raise awareness and inspire others to challenge discrimination. Bentley’s participation and the creation of the unique Pride Car underscore the company’s dedication to fostering a culture where everyone feels they belong.

“This year’s Pride Car is a celebration of these values, merging the inclusive symbolism of the Progress Flag with the vibrant, joyful spirit of Holi. It embodies our dedication to diversity and unity, striving to cultivate a culture where everyone feels they belong. This car stands as a powerful testament to our mission, encapsulating what Belonging At Bentley truly means,” added Wayne Bruce.


Bentley’s uniquely wrapped Continental GT Convertible is more than just a car; it is a vibrant symbol of the company’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and the celebration of individuality. As Bentley Motors continues to support the LGBTQ+ community year-round, this stunning vehicle serves as a reminder of the progress made and the ongoing journey towards acceptance and unity.


Mercedes-Maybach Celebrates 150th Anniversary

Mercedes-Maybach has unveiled a unique S-Class model that epitomizes the shared values of heritage-rich brands. This exclusive vehicle draws inspiration from the legendary SPHINX 12mR yacht, a symbol of timeless elegance and craftsmanship.

A Tribute to the SPHINX 12mR Yacht

The Mercedes-Maybach S 680 (combined energy consumption: 14.2-13.2 l/100 km | combined CO₂ emissions: 323-300 g/km | CO₂ class: G) is designed to mirror the aesthetic of the SPHINX yacht. The SPHINX, built in 1939, is known as the “night-blue beauty” and was the first classic wooden yacht restored by Robbe & Berking, leading to the establishment of Robbe & Berking Classics in 2008.

Exterior Elegance

The S 680 anniversary edition features a two-tone paint finish, with nautical blue metallic on the upper section and MANUFAKTUR patagonia red bright on the lower section. A delicate pinstripe in MANUFAKTUR opalite white metallic separates these colors, reminiscent of the yacht’s white waterline. We congratulate Robbe & Berking on their anniversary and look forward to continuing our successful collaboration,” said Daniel Lescow, Head of Mercedes-Maybach, Mercedes-Benz Group AG.

Luxurious Interior Design

Inside, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class anniversary model showcases an interior draped in crystal white nappa leather with orion grey topstitching. This luxurious material covers the seats, headliner, door panels, and storage compartments, featuring diamond quilting for added sophistication. The interior design is further enhanced by exclusive walnut wood trim with light-colored aluminum strips, evoking the look of a ship’s deck.

Comfort and Convenience

Other highlights include electric comfort doors at the rear, MANUFAKTUR door sill trims with illuminated MAYBACH lettering, and the Burmester high-end 4D surround sound system. The vehicle also includes the MBUX high-end rear-seat entertainment system and a cooling compartment with two silver-plated champagne goblets from Robbe & Berking, adding an extra touch of luxury. This wonderful anniversary vehicle is another sign of the friendship that has long connected Maybach and Robbe & Berking.

A Legacy of Excellence: The SPHINX Racing Yacht

The SPHINX, belonging to the renowned “12 Meter R class,” is a testament to classic yacht design and sailing excellence. Built in 1939 by the Abeking & Rasmussen boatyard, the 21.48-meter-long yacht served various roles, including as a training ship for the German Navy. It has won numerous accolades, including the Blue Riband for the fastest yacht on the Flensburg Fjord.

In 2005, Oliver Berking and his partners purchased the SPHINX and meticulously restored it according to its original plans. This restoration project laid the foundation for Robbe & Berking Classics, a yacht shipyard dedicated to preserving and restoring classic sailing yachts. Today, the shipyard is a globally recognized specialist in this field.


The exclusive Mercedes-Maybach S-Class created for Robbe & Berking’s 150th anniversary is a celebration of shared values, craftsmanship, and timeless elegance. This unique vehicle not only honors the rich history of both brands but also showcases their commitment to excellence and innovation. Though this particular model has already been reserved, it stands as a testament to the enduring legacy and future potential of Mercedes-Maybach and Robbe & Berking.

2025 Kia Soul

2025 Kia Soul: The New Redefined Urban

The Kia Soul has long been a staple in the urban vehicle market, known for its distinctive design, versatile features, and affordability. As we move into 2025, the Kia Soul continues to impress with its latest iteration, offering a blend of style, functionality, and advanced technology that sets it apart in the crowded crossover segment.

Distinctive Design and Features

The 2025 Kia Soul retains its iconic boxy shape, which maximizes interior space while giving it a unique presence on the road. The new model year introduces subtle yet impactful design updates. Advanced driver assistance systems such as forward collision avoidance, lane-keeping assist, and an intuitive infotainment system with connectivity options.

Bold Front Fascia: A refreshed grille and headlamp design enhance the Soul’s modern look.

New Color Options: Vibrant new exterior colors and two-tone roof options allow for greater personalization.

Exclusive Soulmate Special Edition: Features such as 18-inch alloy wheels, an umber interior color scheme, and a Harman Kardon premium audio system.

Infotainment System: An intuitive touchscreen interface with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.
Driver Assistance Features: Eight available technologies, including forward collision avoidance, lane-keeping assist, and blind-spot monitoring.

Digital Dashboard: Fully digital speedometer with Bluetooth connectivity for call alerts, battery life indicator, and more.

Performance and Efficiency

Under the hood, the 2025 Kia Soul comes equipped with a 2.0L 4-cylinder engine, delivering an efficient and reliable performance. Optimized suspension for a comfortable ride, whether navigating city streets or cruising on the highway. The 2025 Kia Soul is packed with the latest in automotive technology, providing drivers with a connected and secure driving experience.

EPA-Estimated 35 MPG Highway: On the EX trim, ensuring economical long-distance driving.

Interior Comfort and Versatility

Inside, the Kia Soul offers a spacious and versatile cabin designed for comfort and convenience. Features include:

Swiveling Front Seats: New for 2025, allowing for greater flexibility and use of space.
SynTex and Cloth Seating: Combining durability with comfort, available in the Soulmate Special Edition.
Ample Cargo Space: The boxy design allows for generous cargo capacity, making it perfect for city living and weekend getaways.

Kia’s Commitment to Quality

Kia’s iconic Soul arrives for the 2025 model year with exciting updates and a starting MSRP of only $20,290, making it an attractive option for urban drivers. The 2025 Soul boasts an extensive list of standard features and offers eight available collision avoidance and driver assist technologies.

Pricing and Trim Levels

The 2025 Kia Soul is available in several trims, each offering unique features to suit different preferences and budgets:

LX: $20,290
S: $22,790
GT-Line: $23,890
EX: $24,590
(Note: Prices exclude a $1,375 destination fee.)

The 2025 Soul comes packed with a range of features designed to enhance comfort, convenience, and safety. Highlights include:


The 2025 Kia Soul redefines what an urban runabout can be, offering a unique blend of style, functionality, and advanced features at an affordable price. Whether you’re navigating city streets, embarking on a road trip, or simply running errands, the new Kia Soul is designed to meet your needs with flair and efficiency.

Kia America, headquartered in Irvine, California, continues to lead the industry in automotive quality. Recognized as one of the TIME100 Most Influential Companies of 2023, Kia is dedicated to delivering vehicles that offer performance and value. The brand’s commitment to excellence is evident in the 2025 Soul, which combines innovative design, advanced technology, and reliable performance.

The Neolun Concept

The Neolun Concept Won The 2024 Red Dot Design Award

The Genesis Neolun Concept’s victory in the 2024 Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept within the Cars and Motorcycles category is a testament to the brand’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence in design.

Genesis Neolun Concept Wins Design Concept Discipline in Cars and Motorcycles Category
The Genesis Neolun Concept has won the prestigious 2024 Red Dot Design Award in the Cars and Motorcycles category for Design Concept, further solidifying Genesis’ reputation as a design-led brand. This accolade highlights the innovative and visionary approach of Genesis, particularly in the realm of electric vehicles.

A Groundbreaking Unveil

The Neolun Concept was globally unveiled in March at Genesis House New York, marking Genesis’ first foray into full-size electric SUVs. This concept vehicle encapsulates the brand’s future vision, seamlessly blending Genesis’ distinctive design philosophy with cutting-edge technological features to offer a luxurious mobility experience that transcends traditional transportation.

Exterior Design: Timeless Elegance

The exterior design of the Neolun Concept exemplifies a bold and minimalist approach, eliminating unnecessary elements to capture timeless beauty. In line with this reductive design principle, the electric side steps are discreetly integrated into the exterior and automatically deploy when the doors open, providing both assistance and convenience to passengers.

Interior Design: Luxury and Innovation

Inside the Neolun Concept, the cabin design reflects a luxurious lifestyle, incorporating Genesis’ design principle known as the “Beauty of White Space.” This principle is evident in the spacious and elegant cabin, where the front-row seats feature a swiveling function, allowing passengers to fully utilize the ample space.

Enhancing the luxurious ambiance is the radiant heating system, inspired by Korea’s traditional “ondol” heating mechanism, which efficiently warms the entire vehicle. The advanced sound system enriches the multi-sensory experience with immersive audio delivered through strategically placed speakers. When deactivated, these speakers elegantly rotate into a crystal sphere centerpiece, adding to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

The Red Dot Design Award

For several decades, the Red Dot Design Award has been one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions, recognized globally as a hallmark of design excellence. The Design Concept discipline of the competition celebrates visionary ideas and prototypes that push the conventional boundaries of creativity and practicality. Winning this award reaffirms Genesis’ commitment to pioneering design and innovation.


As Genesis continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and technology, the Neolun Concept stands as a shining example of what the future holds. With its blend of timeless elegance, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious features, the Neolun Concept is poised to redefine the landscape of electric vehicles. This concept vehicle not only sets a new standard for electric SUVs but also embodies the luxurious, innovative, and culturally rich future of Genesis.