2024 New V-Class Marco Polo from Mercedes-Benz

The new V-Class Marco Polo is equipped with state-of-the-art safety and driver assistance systems

Mercedes-Benz proudly presents the new V-Class Marco Polo, a smart, stylish, and versatile camper van that is perfect for everyday use. Available for order since January and now displayed in dealer showrooms, the V-Class Marco Polo offers a seamless blend of luxury and practicality, catering to both adventure seekers and daily commuters.

A Legacy of Excellence

The V-Class Marco Polo boasts a rich 40-year history, beginning with the first Marco Polo model based on the T1 van in 1984. Today, it continues this legacy with a design based on the V-Class MPV, offering modern amenities and a sleek, contemporary look.

Exterior Design

The new V-Class Marco Polo is an attractive eye-catcher, featuring the hallmark Mercedes-Benz design language. Depending on the equipment line, it showcases either an upright Mercedes star on the bonnet or a star pattern with a central Mercedes star in the radiator grille. Optional MULTIBEAM LED headlamps with High Beam Assist PLUS enhance visibility and add a finishing touch to the front end. The rear has also been updated with a new chrome trim strip, contributing to the vehicle’s refined aesthetic.

Interior Comfort and Technology

Step inside the V-Class Marco Polo to experience a luxurious feel-good space. The widescreen cockpit and advanced technology redefine ease of use. The MBUX multimedia system, coupled with a multifunction steering wheel with touch-control panels, ensures a seamless driving experience. Additional interior highlights include:

Widescreen cockpit with dual 12.3-inch color displays
MBUX augmented reality navigation
Wireless charging system for mobile devices
Ambient lighting with 64 color options

Customizable Luxury

The V-Class Marco Polo offers a range of customizable options to suit individual preferences. Special equipment such as luxury seats with massage function, a panoramic sliding sunroof, and fascinating ambient lighting allows you to tailor the interior to your liking. The spacious passenger compartment can be configured for maximum comfort and convenience.

Advanced Safety and Assistance Systems

The new V-Class Marco Polo is equipped with state-of-the-art safety and driver assistance systems. Features like the Parking Package with a 360° camera, the EASY PACK electric sliding door/tailgate, and the Driving Assistance Package enhance safety and ease of use in various driving situations.

The EQV and V-Class Variants

The new lineup also includes the EQV and V-Class models, each offering unique features and innovations:

EQV: The EQV stands out with its modern design and excellent value. It features a radiator grille with an LED light strip, darkened tail lights, and optional 17- or 18-inch light-alloy wheels. Inside, the EQV offers high-quality materials and intuitive operation, with the MBUX multimedia system specially designed for electric driving.
V-Class: The V-Class offers a progressive look with a focus on luxury and performance. It includes attractive radiator grilles, a widescreen cockpit, and active assistance and safety systems. The V-Class is available in various equipment lines, each offering unique features and design elements.

Experience the V-Class Marco Polo Today

Designed for unforgettable camping experiences, the V-Class Marco Polo is equipped with innovative features that make it the ideal compact camper van. It includes a functional kitchen area, comfortable sleeping berths, and a cozy living area, all wrapped in a modern, stylish design. The vehicle also offers digital support and powerful technology, ensuring an exceptionally pleasant travel experience.

With Mercedes-Benz Advanced Control’s remote functions, the V-Class Marco Polo even becomes your smart home on the road. Whether you’re exploring the countryside or navigating city streets, this camper van offers the perfect blend of luxury, convenience, and practicality.