2024 Urus SE Powerful Plug-in Hybrid Super SUV

Urus SE is the most Powerful Plug-in Hybrid Super SUV till date

The Urus SE sets a new standard for SUV design, blending innovative styling with enhanced aerodynamic efficiency. Its updated lines emphasize the vehicle’s dynamic profile, enhancing its sportiness and muscular appearance.

Urus SE Design

The front section features a sleek hood with a floating design, creating a sense of continuity and highlighting the Urus SE’s athletic stance. New headlight clusters with matrix LED technology introduce a distinctive light signature inspired by the Lamborghini brand’s bull, complemented by a redesigned bumper and front grille. The state-of-the-art front light system integrates a unique DRL signature, while the rear design emphasizes a wider stance with a new diffuser and low-mounted license plates, reminiscent of Lamborghini super sports cars like the Gallardo. The interior design follows the “feel like a pilot” philosophy, enhancing interaction between the driver and the digital system.

At the rear, the cargo compartment hatch undergoes a complete redesign, creating a seamless connection between the taillight clusters and the new rear diffuser. This design element, along with the new spoiler, increases rear downforce by 35% at high speeds compared to the Urus S, enhancing stability. Improved aerodynamic efficiency is achieved through new under-body air vents and revamped air ducts, which increase airflow to cool mechanical and engine components by 15% over the original Urus. Additionally, the redesigned front section and optimized aerodynamic underside improve air cooling for the braking system by 30% compared to the previous model.

Moreover, the color range has been significantly expanded, offering over 100 bodywork options to suit individual tastes. Among the new colors introduced at launch are Arancio Egon (orange), available with an interior in Arancio Apodis (orange), and Bianco Sapphirus (white) with an interior in Terra Kedros (terracotta). The interior options are equally extensive, offering an array of 47 color combinations and four types of embroidery (Q-citura stitching). Additionally, customers have the opportunity to personalize their Urus SE further through the Ad Personam program, enabling them to create a truly unique and bespoke vehicle.

The Urus SE sets itself apart by offering an unparalleled range of customization options, unmatched in its category. The alloy wheels receive an update with the introduction of 23” Galanthus rims, paired as standard with new Pirelli P Zero tires. Customers can choose from three dedicated P Zero tire options ranging from 21″ to 23″, catering to different preferences for comfort and sportiness. For cold seasons, Scorpion Winter 2 tires are available, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions. All tire options feature Pirelli Elect technology, specifically developed to enhance the characteristics of the first electrified Urus.

Urus SE Interior

The interior of the Urus SE has undergone a significant update to emphasize Lamborghini’s iconic “feel like a pilot” design philosophy, introducing new features across the front section of the dashboard to enhance the sense of lightness already established with the Revuelto.

At the center of the dashboard, there’s now a larger 12.3-inch screen, hosting a new version of the Human Machine Interface (HMI) that offers improved intuitiveness with updated graphics, aligning seamlessly with the design language of the Revuelto. Lamborghini Centro Stile designers have paid special attention to details such as the air vents, anodized aluminum trim elements shaped like the Lamborghini “Y,” and the redesigned panel, seats, and dashboard coverings. The inclusion of a mechanical pushbutton panel enhances the tactile experience for the driver.

Urus SE Features

Special attention has been given to calibrating the air suspension system for each driving mode. For instance, the Strada mode enhances comfort, while the Sport mode intensifies driving dynamics, facilitating controlled drifts. Corsa mode, designed for track driving, optimizes chassis movements for stability and responsiveness, even on low-grip surfaces, thanks to advanced electronic systems.

Drivers can now access both the 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster and the touchscreen display, integrated into the heart of the Lamborghini Infotainment System (LIS). This system includes a dedicated telemetry system for the SE variant and introduces new displays related to the driving assistance system, providing improved awareness of the surrounding environment.

In the center console, the Urus SE features the “tamburo” selector unit, allowing drivers to choose from a wide array of driving modes. With the introduction of the hybrid powertrain, the six existing Urus driving modes are now complemented by four new Electric Performance Strategies (EPS), totaling eleven options. These include Strada, Sport, and Corsa modes for road and track use, as well as Neve, Sabbia, and Terra modes for surfaces with different grip conditions, alongside the new EV Drive, Hybrid, Performance, and Recharge options.

Urus SE Plug-In Hybrid

The revamped twin-turbo 4.0 V8 engine has undergone significant re-engineering to seamlessly integrate with the electric powertrain. It now boasts an impressive 620 CV of power (equivalent to 456 kW) and 800 Nm of driving torque. This combustion unit is ingeniously paired with an electric powertrain delivering an additional 192 CV (equivalent to 141 kW) and 483 Nm of torque.

Achieving maximum output required meticulous attention to the calibration strategy between the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and the electric motor (e-motor), resulting in a total output of 800 CV. This strategic calibration ensures an optimal power curve across all driving modes and surfaces, enhancing performance and efficiency.

Beneath the load floor and positioned above the electronically-controlled rear differential sits a robust 25.9-kWh lithium-ion battery. This strategic placement optimizes weight distribution while providing ample energy storage capacity to support the hybrid powertrain’s demands, further enhancing the vehicle’s overall performance and driving dynamics.

The EV Drive mode allows drivers to fully exploit the electric potential, particularly suited for urban driving, offering over 60 km of electric range and reaching speeds of over 130km/h. The V8 engine seamlessly supports the electric motor at higher speeds or when additional torque is required beyond the electric motor’s capacity.

Hybrid mode, available in Strada, provides maximum efficiency and comfort, balancing the combustion engine and electric motor for versatile everyday driving. Recharge mode, selectable in various driving modes, replenishes up to 80% of the battery while maintaining optimal performance. The Performance option unlocks the Urus SE’s full potential across different driving conditions, showcasing its dynamic capabilities beyond asphalt surfaces.

Depending on the selected driving mode, the Urus SE’s air springs adjust for ground clearance, ranging from 15 mm in Corsa mode to 75 mm when the lifting system is activated. Various parameters, including steering, drivability, and engine sound, adapt to each mode, reflecting the Urus SE’s distinct personality.