Bentley Motors Mulliner Introduce Limited Edition

Bentley Motors Introduces Exclusive Limited edition trio consists of the Continental GT Azure V8, Flying Spur Azure V8, and Bentayga Azure V8 models

Bentley Motors is proud to unveil a trio of limited edition models: the Continental GT Azure V8, Flying Spur Azure V8, and Bentayga Azure V8. Hand built at Bentley’s factory in Crewe, England, these exclusive models will be available only through Bentley Istanbul. The Bentley Mulliner Istanbul Silhouette Collection celebrates Istanbul’s rich cultural heritage, renowned landmarks, and artistic beauty.

Collection celebrates the vibrant Turkish city’s unique blend of history, art, and modernity. Set to go on sale in early June, the collection pays tribute to the city’s historic landmarks including the Sultanahmet Mosque, Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower, and Bosphorus Bridges

Celebrating Istanbul’s Heritage

Working closely with Bentley Motors Istanbul, the craftspeople from Bentley’s Mulliner bespoke division have crafted a unique accent colour concept inspired by the Bosphorus Strait’s rich blue and turquoise hues and the open skies reflected in its waters.

Exterior Elegance

The collection features a striking Black Sapphire paint, serving as the perfect backdrop for sporty highlights in ‘Dragonfly’ blue. This blue accent graces the carbon side skirts and special Silhouette tread plates, creating a visually stunning exterior.

Interior Luxury

Inside, the Istanbul Silhouette embroidery showcases the city’s iconic landmarks, including the Maiden’s Tower, Galata Tower, and the Bosphorus Bridges, in Dragonfly Blue. These elegant touches adorn the headrests and rear cushions, which are covered in Imperial Blue and Beluga hides, inspired by the clear blue patterned tiles of the Sultanahmet Mosque.

Further distinguishing these models, ‘Piano Imperial Blue’ wood and natural ‘Galaxy’ stone feature on the front panel and infotainment area. A specially designed key box adds a personal touch, serving as a reminder of the car’s exclusivity and the remarkable location it represents.

A Blend of History and Modernity

Istanbul, strategically positioned where East meets West, is a city where European cultures blend with those of Asia, creating a unique mix of history, art, modernity, and innovation. The limited edition Mulliner models aim to appeal to discerning Turkish customers by blending the city’s rich cultural heritage with Bentley’s commitment to luxury and innovation.

Kerem Güven, General Manager of Bentley Motors Istanbul, commented, “We have seen the Bentley brand grow and prosper over the last 17 years in Istanbul. The market for bespoke craftsmanship has increased here, so we anticipate strong interest from our discerning customers for this exclusive collection, which celebrates our city’s unique blend of history, art, and modernity.”

Balazs Rooz, Director at Bentley Motors Europe, added, “Mulliner represents the pinnacle of the Bentley experience, with bespoke details that reflect a place, time or celebrate an occasion. Each limited edition car features beautiful interior decor, stitching details, and visuals of Istanbul, while also using sustainable materials and designs from the city itself, all carefully created in the Mulliner workshop in Crewe.”


Bentley Mulliner‘s Istanbul Silhouette Collection will go on sale in early June and will be available for viewing at the Bentley Istanbul showroom, represented by Doğuş Otomotiv, located at Maslak in the Doğuş Center. Additionally, a pop-up store will be open in Galaport.