Hyundai Motor Teases First Images of EV INSTER

Hyundai Motor Confirms Name of New A-Segment Sub-Compact EV: INSTER A tough competition to Tata EV Punch

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the first official teaser images of its new A-segment sub-compact EV, named INSTER. Initial images reveal a glimpse of the new model’s signature LED daytime running lights and Hyundai’s EV design identity with pixel styling elements.
INSTER will make its official debut at the Busan International Mobility Show in late June. This marks an exciting step forward in Hyundai’s EV lineup, promising innovation and intimacy in its design and functionality.

INSTER: A New Era for Hyundai’s Sub-Compact EVs Global Debut

The name INSTER combines the concepts of “intimate” and “innovative,” reflecting the vehicle’s design philosophy and user-focused approach. This new sub-compact EV is an evolution of the Korea-only, petrol-powered CASPER, which was introduced in 2021. INSTER aims to set new standards for driving range, technology, and safety features, redefining expectations for vehicles in this class.

Design and Features

The teaser images of INSTER reveal a robust yet compact SUV profile. Notable design elements include:

Hyundai Motor
Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the first official teaser images of its new A-segment sub-compact EV, named INSTER.

Signature LED Daytime Running Lights: These lights enhance visibility and add a modern aesthetic to the vehicle’s front.
Pixel-Graphic Turn Signals and Tail Lamps: These elements showcase Hyundai’s EV design identity, providing a futuristic look that sets INSTER apart.
Impressive Range:
Hyundai has announced that INSTER will have a projected maximum range of 355 km (WLTP) on a single charge. This substantial range positions INSTER as a competitive option in the sub-compact EV market, appealing to urban drivers and those looking for an efficient, environmentally-friendly vehicle.

Hyundai Motor

INSTER will make its global debut at the Busan International Mobility Show later this month, where more details about the vehicle’s specifications and features will be unveiled. In Korea, the INSTER will be badged as the CASPER Electric, continuing the legacy of its predecessor.

About Hyundai Motor Company

Established in 1967, Hyundai Motor Company operates in over 200 countries with more than 120,000 employees dedicated to addressing real-world mobility challenges. Guided by the brand vision of ‘Progress for Humanity,’ Hyundai is transforming into a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. The company is investing in advanced technologies, such as robotics and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM), to bring revolutionary mobility solutions to the market. Hyundai is also committed to sustainability, continuing its efforts to introduce zero-emission vehicles equipped with industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and EV technologies.

For more information, stay tuned for updates from Hyundai and the Busan International Mobility Show, where the INSTER will officially debut and redefine what is possible in the A-segment sub-compact EV mark.