Isuzu D-Max BEV Revealed

Isuzu unveils D-Max BEV Pick-up truck, competitors of its segment

Isuzu Motors Limited, with its headquarters situated in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan, and helmed by President and COO Shinsuke Minami, is gearing up to unveil its very first battery electric vehicle (BEV) at the 45th Bangkok International Motor Show in Bangkok, Thailand. Scheduled to take place from March 27 to April 7, this highly anticipated event marks the introduction of the D-MAX one-ton pickup truck to the public, showcasing Isuzu’s foray into the electric vehicle market with this innovative offering.

The D-MAX BEV prototype will be on prominent display, showcasing Isuzu’s commitment to meeting diverse commercial and passenger vehicle requirements while upholding the robust performance standards associated with pickup trucks. Equipped with a full-time 4WD system featuring newly developed e-Axles in the front and rear, the D-MAX BEV delivers exceptional performance on rugged terrain, coupled with the smooth acceleration. Moreover, the incorporation of high-power electric motors, along with a sturdy frame and body design, ensures high towing capacity, enabling the D-MAX BEV to match the performance of existing diesel models.

Isuzu D-Max BEV Pick-up truck that will launch in many countries

Recognizing the varied applications for pickup trucks, the D-MAX BEV provides an alternative power source. The D-MAX BEV is set to make its debut in specific mainland Europe markets, with Norway leading the charge in 2025. Following its introduction, Isuzu plans to expand the availability of the electric pickup to additional regions, including the UK, Australia, Thailand, and other countries.

The expansion strategy will be guided by market demand and the progression of EV charging infrastructure in each respective market. Isuzu Group remains dedicated to realizing a carbon-neutral world and enriching people’s lives through the development of carbon-neutral vehicles. The debut of the D-Max EV, Isuzu’s first electric vehicle concept, marks a significant step in this direction. Scheduled for introduction in European markets like Norway and the UK in 2025, followed by launches in Australia and Thailand, among others, the production-spec D-Max BEV will make its global debut at the International Motor Show.

Powered by a 66.9kWh battery pack and equipped with a dual-motor setup producing 176hp and 325Nm of torque, the D-Max EV boasts a payload capacity of one tons and a towing capacity of 3.5 tons, positioning it as a formidable commercial vehicle in most markets.

While specific details regarding the range are yet to be disclosed, the D-Max EV promises to deliver impressive performance and capability, rivaling its diesel-powered counterparts. As the automotive industry continues its transition towards electrification, the Isuzu D-Max EV represents a significant milestone in this journey, offering consumers a sustainable and efficient alternative without compromising on performance or utility.