KTM Offers Complimentary Warranty

KTM offers Complimentary Warranty; Facts to know about warranty policy

KTM is now providing a complimentary warranty extension on its street models when customers commit to official servicing. This enticing offer aims to enhance customer satisfaction and peace of mind by ensuring extended warranty coverage for their motorcycles at no additional cost.

It is rolling out an enticing opportunity for all owners of 2024 LC8c, LC8 STREET, and TRAVEL models to significantly extend their official warranty coverage, sometimes nearly doubling it. Through a global promotion, riders can now enjoy additional peace of mind simply by having their motorcycle serviced at any authorized KTM dealer. This exclusive offer comes at no extra cost to the customers.

Furthermore, it is extending the warranty period for all Power-Parts and Spare-Parts for ALL street models to 24 months, also free of charge. This means that riders can confidently equip their bikes with genuine KTM accessories and spare parts, knowing they’re backed by an extended warranty.

For 2024 bikes equipped with the LC8c and LC8 engines, the warranty period is being significantly expanded. LC8c models, such as the KTM 790 DUKE, KTM 790 ADVENTURE, and others, will now enjoy up to 4 years of warranty coverage with service intervals within the initial 24-month period. On the other hand, LC8-equipped bikes like the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R and KTM 1290 SUPER ADVENTURE S will see their warranty period extended to 3 years.

Jens Tuma, Senior Head of Customer Service at KTM, emphasized the importance of utilizing the official network for servicing, ensuring the best quality and value preservation of the bikes. This warranty extension offer underscores KTM’s commitment to delivering exceptional service and support to riders worldwide.