Mercedes-Benz Powerful Unimog U 5023 at RETTmobil

Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023 Showcases Unimog Water Tender at RETTmobil 2024

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks is set to unveil its rugged Unimog water tender at this year’s RETTmobil, held from May 15-17 in Fulda. Positioned at stand F16 in the outdoor area, the Unimog water tender boasts numerous off-road features tailored for demanding operations like forest fires, flood rescues, and more. Visitors to the event can explore the Unimog’s capabilities firsthand and receive expert advice on its wide range of applications for blue light organizations.

A Highlight: Unimog U 5023 as a “TLF 3000” Water Tender with Rosenbauer Body

The Mercedes-Benz Special Unimog U 5023 stands out as an all-terrain powerhouse, equipped with advanced features designed for rough terrain and firefighting missions. Its impressive ground clearance of 50 centimeters, coupled with large ramp and slope angles, enables it to navigate challenging landscapes with ease. Special off-road tires and an integrated tire pressure regulation system ensure traction on diverse surfaces, while optional fording capability allows the Unimog to traverse rivers and flooded areas up to 1.2 meters deep.

Safety and Efficiency Integrated

Designed with safety and efficiency in mind, the Unimog U 5023 comes equipped with heat protection on all operationally relevant lines, enhancing reliability in heat-intensive environments. The Rosenbauer superstructure, meeting TLF 3000 standards, features a 3,000-liter tank and a FPN 10-2000 centrifugal fire pump for effective extinguishing agent application. Ample storage space is provided by equipment compartments on each side and at the rear, with folding, non-slip steps facilitating easy access. Additionally, ambient lighting and optional equipment like a light mast ensure optimal visibility during nighttime operations.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Performance

Mercedes-Benz Powerful Unimog U 5023 at RETTmobil
Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5023

Crafted with a welded aluminum frame, the Rosenbauer superstructure offers exceptional stability and low weight, optimizing handling characteristics. Its well-balanced weight distribution and low center of gravity enable smooth navigation across varied terrains, with a rear slope angle of 42 degrees for tackling even the most challenging landscapes.

Explore More at RETTmobil

In addition to the showcased Unimog water tender, visitors can explore other Unimog-based emergency vehicles at RETTmobil. KBM Motorfahrzeuge GmbH & Co. KG will present a multifunctional Unimog with crane and forest fire protection module, while Gobel Fahrzeugbau will showcase a Unimog U 5023 logistics equipment vehicle with a vertical lift. Attendees can also witness Unimog ambulances from the German Red Cross and a Unimog with a crew cab up close on the off-road course at Entrance 2.

Experience the versatility and reliability of Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks’ Unimog lineup firsthand at RETTmobil 2024, where innovation meets excellence in fire and rescue technology.