2024 Mercedes-Benz Truck’s New Charging Stations

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Expands Offerings to Include Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz Trucks is enhancing its e-mobility services by offering fleet operators the option to purchase fast-charging stations directly from its dealerships, alongside its battery-electric vehicles. Partnering with Alpitronic, a leader in the development of high-power DC fast charging solutions, Mercedes-Benz Trucks aims to provide a seamless transition to electric mobility for its customers.

Comprehensive Charging Solutions for Fleet Operators

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) involves more than just the vehicles themselves; it requires a robust charging infrastructure. To address this, Mercedes-Benz Trucks has introduced a holistic ecosystem that includes consulting, hardware sales, and technical services. Their “Depot Charging” package offers a one-stop solution, simplifying the process for fleet operators.

Stina Fagerman, Head of Marketing, Sales, and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, emphasizes the importance of this new service: “As a provider of holistic consulting services and depot charging stations, we are meeting an important customer demand. Our aim is to make the transition to electric mobility even easier for our customers.”

Alpitronic: Strategic Partner for Charging Stations

Alpitronic, founded in South Tyrol in 2009, is Mercedes-Benz Trucks strategic partner for charging stations. Known for its “Hyper charger” series, Alpitronic offers modular and sophisticated DC fast charging solutions that are highly reliable and easy to maintain. Their products are favored by many public fast-charging infrastructure operators due to their high power density and extensive service network, which includes over 200 field service technicians across Europe.

A Holistic Ecosystem for Electric Mobility

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has long supported customers in electrifying their depots through its eConsulting services. The company provides comprehensive advice on electric trucks, plans and designs depot charging infrastructure, and assists with grid connections. By integrating the consultation, charging stations, and related services into a single package, Mercedes-Benz Trucks reduces the coordination burden for customers, ensuring smoother and more efficient transitions to electric fleets.

This integrated approach also benefits from Daimler Truck Financial Services (DTFS), which offers financing solutions for the charging infrastructure, further easing the financial aspects of the transition for customers.

Launch and Rollout

The new Depot Charging package will launch in Germany at the end of May 2024, with pilot projects at various dealerships. This will be followed by a gradual rollout to other European countries. The goal is to offer a cost-effective and comprehensive package that covers everything from energy generation to suitable charging infrastructure.

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eConsulting to Improve Total Costs

Mercedes-Benz Trucks eConsulting service has been a critical component in assisting customers with fleet electrification. By advising on electric trucks and depot charging infrastructure, the service helps optimize total costs and improve efficiency. Mercedes-Benz Trucks consultants also assist customers in identifying public funding opportunities for both infrastructure and vehicles, ensuring that fleet operators can take full advantage of available financial support.


With the introduction of fast-charging stations in partnership with Alpitronic, Mercedes-Benz Trucks is poised to lead the charge in the transition to electric mobility. By offering a comprehensive suite of services and solutions, the company aims to make the adoption of electric vehicles more accessible and straightforward for fleet operators, paving the way for a greener future.