Tata Motors Launches New Ace EV 1000 In Mobility

Tata Motors Launches Ace EV 1000: Revolutionizing Last-Mile Mobility in India

In a significant move towards sustainable transportation, Tata Motors, India’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturer, unveiled the all-new Ace EV 1000, a groundbreaking addition to its electric cargo mobility solutions. Designed to transform last-mile logistics, this zero-emission mini-truck sets a new standard with its enhanced payload capacity and impressive range on a single charge.

Promising Range with Capabilities

The Ace EV 1000 is engineered to meet the evolving demands of various sectors, including FMCG, beverages, paints & lubricants, LPG, and dairy. With a higher rated payload of 1 tonne and a certified range of 161 km, this electric mini-truck promises to deliver efficient and eco-friendly transportation solutions.

One of the key highlights of the Ace 1000 is its advanced battery management system, which ensures optimal performance and longevity. Supported by over 150 Electric Vehicle Support Centres nationwide, Tata Motors has prioritized reliability and uptime by equipping the Ace EV with robust aggregates and the Fleet Edge telematics system.

Furthermore, leveraging the Tata UniEVerse ecosystem, Tata Motors has collaborated with relevant Tata Group companies and leading financiers to offer customers a comprehensive e-cargo mobility solution. This strategic approach aims to address the diverse needs of businesses while promoting sustainable transportation practices.

Mr. Vinay Pathak, Vice President & Business Head – SCV&PU, Tata Motors Commercial Vehicles, expressed confidence in the Ace EV, stating, With the introduction of the Ace EV 1000, we’re broadening the horizons for customers seeking enhanced operational efficiency across diverse sectors they cater to. We firmly believe that the Ace EV 1000 will play a pivotal role in fostering a more sustainable future while offering unmatched value and cost-effectiveness in ownership.

Ace EV 1000 Powertrain

With a 27 kW (36 hp) motor generating 130 Nm of peak torque, the Ace EV 1000 delivers exceptional pickup and grade-ability, making it ideal for navigating challenging terrains and fully loaded conditions. Additionally, its regular and fast charging capabilities ensure minimal downtime, further enhancing its productivity and efficiency.

Powered by the EVOGEN powertrain, the Ace EV 1000 offers an unparalleled driving experience, backed by a 7-year battery warranty and a 5-year comprehensive maintenance package. Its advanced features, including a battery cooling system and regenerative braking, ensure safe and efficient operations in all weather conditions.

In conclusion, the Tata Motors Ace EV 1000 represents a significant leap forward in India’s journey towards sustainable transportation. With its innovative design, advanced technology, and commitment to customer satisfaction, the Ace EV 1000 is poised to revolutionize last-mile mobility and pave the way for a greener future.