Tata Motors sign MOU with Shell

Tata Motors sign an MOU with Shell India Market Pvt. Ltd for Charging Station across India

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. (TPEM), renowned for spearheading India’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution, has inked a non-binding Memorandum of Understanding with Shell India Markets Private Limited (SIMPL) to join forces in establishing public charging stations nationwide. Leveraging Shell’s extensive fuel station network and TPEM’s insights from over 1.4 lakh Tata EVs traversing Indian roads, the collaboration aims to install chargers at locations frequented by Tata EV owners, enhancing the charging experience.

This partnership between TPEM and Shell India Markets Private Limited (SIMPL) aims to enhance the EV ownership experience in India by exploring synergies to encourage more individuals to embrace electric vehicles. Additionally, the companies are contemplating the introduction of convenient payment systems and loyalty programs, adding substantial value for TPEM’s clientele.

TPEM holds a dominant position in India’s EV market, boasting a commanding 71% market share in electric passenger vehicles across its portfolio of four products. From inaugurating its first EV-exclusive store in Gurugram to collaborating with various charge point operators to expand India’s charging infrastructure, TPEM has been pivotal in fostering the EV ecosystem in the country.

Shell EV Recharge locations offer reliable and ultra-fast charging, boasting an impressive charger uptime of 98%-99%. These locations also provide convenient retail offerings, including fresh food and beverages, elevating the overall customer experience and convenience.

Balaje Rajan, Chief Strategy Officer of Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd. and Tata Motors Passenger Vehicles Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting its potential to expand the charging infrastructure crucial for mainstream EV adoption in India. Sanjay Varkey, Director of Shell India Markets Private Limited, emphasized Shell’s commitment to offering integrated EV charging solutions prioritizing convenience, safety, and sustainability.

Studies worldwide emphasize the importance of ubiquitous and convenient charging infrastructure in driving EV adoption. This collaboration between two industry leaders is poised to propel India’s EV growth into its next phase by facilitating widespread EV adoption through digital integration and customer-centric initiatives.