Genesis GV80 Wins The 2024 Red Dot Design Award

Genesis GV80 Coupe Wins the 2024 Red Dot Design Award for Product Design

Genesis GV80 celebrates a significant achievement with the new Coupe securing the highest distinction in the Cars and Motorcycles category at the 2024 Red Dot Design Awards. This accolade underscores the brand’s commitment to innovative design and excellence in the luxury automotive sector.

Distinctive “Athletic Elegance” Design

Genesis GV80 Coupe, the first coupe-style SUV, embodies the brand’s signature “Athletic Elegance” with its dynamic and meticulous design. Previewed through a concept model and officially unveiled in September 2023, the GV80 Coupe combines sporty aesthetics with the sophisticated essence of the GV80 base model. The coupe-like rear finish enhances its dynamic profile while preserving the elegance of the original GV80.

Luxurious and Functional Interior

Inside, the GV80 Coupe balances luxury and dynamic imagery with simplicity inspired by the Korean concept of “Beauty of White Space.” The center fascia and touch-based HVAC seamlessly integrate into the interior, emphasizing a clean and modern design. Reclining second-row seats ensure comfort and luxury, addressing the typical compromise on headroom in SUV coupes.

Several new tactile features enhance the interior’s appeal, with point colors like gray, red, and orange applied to various elements. Distinctive materials like black spin-patterned aluminum, real wood with a newspaper pattern, and jacquard-type real carbon enhance the GV80 Coupe’s exceptional design.

Recognition and Future Prospects

SangYup Lee, head of Genesis Global Design, expressed pride in this achievement: “The GV80 Coupe signifies a milestone for Genesis as the brand’s distinctive luxury continues to expand. The striking silhouette of the Genesis GV80 Coupe showcases the evolution of our flagship SUV and dedication to pushing the boundaries of design and innovation. This journey of progress is ongoing, and we are always looking forward to the next step, ready to forge the path ahead.

Prestigious Red Dot Design Award

The Red Dot Design Award, established over six decades ago, is the world’s largest and most prestigious design competition. It is one of the most coveted seals of approval for global recognition in product design. Winners are selected annually from three disciplines: Product Design, Brands & Communication Design, and Design Concept.

Genesis’ Commitment to Design Excellence

With consistent recognition from the Red Dot Design Awards, Genesis demonstrates its unwavering commitment to design excellence. The GV80 Coupe’s win solidifies Genesis’ reputation as a luxury automotive brand dedicated to offering unique innovations and a comprehensive customer experience. This award marks another milestone in Genesis’ ongoing journey of design and technological advancement, setting new standards in the automotive industry.

In conclusion, the GV80 Coupe’s victory at the 2024 Red Dot Design Awards highlights Genesis dedication to pushing the boundaries of luxury and design. As the brand continues to evolve, it remains committed to delivering exceptional vehicles that combine innovation, elegance, and unparalleled craftsmanship.