Kia EV9 Honored at Red Dot Award 2024

The Kia EV9 Redefining Design Excellence has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ award at the Red Dot Award 2024

The Red Dot Award 2024, known for its rigorous evaluation of design quality and innovation, recognizes the EV9’s successful exterior design and contemporary character. The Kia EV9 has achieved a remarkable feat by winning the prestigious ‘Best of the Best’ award at the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2024 in the Cars and Motorcycles category.

This accolade adds to Kia’s growing list of achievements, reaffirming the brand’s position as a leader in automotive design. This accolade celebrates Kia’s commitment to design innovation and acknowledges the brand’s significant contribution to setting exceptional standards in the automotive industry.

Recognizing Design Prowess

The Red Dot Award: ‘Best of the Best’ award is a testament to the Kia design team’s dedication and creativity in crafting the EV9, the brand’s flagship electric SUV. Karim Habib, Executive Vice President and Head of Kia Global Design, expressed pride in the team’s achievement, emphasizing the EV9’s bold SUV character and groundbreaking approach to usability, connectivity, and environmental responsibility.

Red Dot Award 2024
Kia EV9 receives prestigious awards for design

At the core of the EV9‘s design lies Kia’s ‘Opposites United’ philosophy, which harmonizes nature and modernity to create a seamless blend of futuristic aesthetics and sustainable values. This philosophy inspires Kia designers to fuse sleek, sculptural shapes with assertive geometry, creating a contemporary yet graceful design language.

Striking Design and Commitment to Sustainability

The EV9’s exterior exudes confidence and serenity, characterized by its upright stance, defined lines, and smooth surfaces. Signature elements such as the Digital Tiger Face and Digital Pattern Lighting Grille add a visionary touch, while vertical headlamps enhance the vehicle’s futuristic appeal.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the EV9 embodies Kia’s strategic commitment to sustainable mobility. As the first model to embrace Kia’s Design Sustainability Strategy, the flagship SUV prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials and sustainable design practices, setting new standards for environmental responsibility in the automotive industry.

The upcoming Red Dot Award ceremony on June 24, 2024, will mark Kia’s 29th success at the prestigious event since 2009. As the EV9 continues to garner acclaim, Kia remains committed to pushing the boundaries of design innovation and delivering exceptional experiences to customers worldwide.

With its groundbreaking design, sustainable ethos, and industry accolades, the Kia EV9 stands as a testament to Kia’s unwavering commitment to excellence. As it continues to redefine the automotive landscape, the EV9 epitomizes Kia’s vision for a future where design innovation and sustainability go hand in hand.