Honda Introduces “YE” Next-Generation EV

Honda Introduces “YE” Next-Generation EV Series for China”
Unveiling of the All-New (YE) P7, (YE) S7, and the (YE) GT CONCEPT

Honda has officially unveiled its (Ye) Series, or “Ye Series,” an entirely new lineup of electric vehicles (EVs) set to debut in the Chinese market. This announcement includes the world premiere of the inaugural models in the Ye Series: the (Ye) P7 (Ye P7) and (Ye) S7 (Ye S7), alongside the concept model for the subsequent set of series vehicles, the (Ye) GT CONCEPT (Ye GT CONCEPT).

The Japanese automaker plans to introduce six “Ye” Series models in China by 2027.

Honda currently offers the e:N Series EV models in China, and the Ye Series will join this lineup as a new addition. Named with the Chinese letter “,” meaning “shine brilliantly,” the Ye Series symbolizes Honda’s aspiration to empower drivers to express their passions and individuality through exhilarating driving experiences.

These next-generation EVs are designed to deliver enhanced value for customers, featuring human-centric packaging based on Honda’s M/M concept and integrating advanced electrification technologies. The Ye Series models aim to provide an elevated driving experience and seamless integration of intelligent technologies, creating a comfortable and enjoyable mobility space for all occupants.

The inaugural models of the Ye Series, namely the Ye P7 and Ye S7, are constructed upon a freshly developed dedicated EV platform and will be presented in two distinct configurations: a single-motor rear-wheel drive option and a dual-motor four-wheel drive variant. Both variations prioritize driving pleasure, with the rear-wheel drive model offering sporty handling and the four-wheel drive model delivering high power and responsiveness.

Scheduled for release at the end of 2024, the Ye P7 and Ye S7 feature spacious interiors designed for comfort and intelligent driving experiences. The Ye GT CONCEPT, representing the second set of Ye Series models, is a concept model designed to embody Honda’s EV vision in China. With a focus on dynamic performance and immersive experiences, the Ye GT CONCEPT is slated for production before the end of 2025.

As part of its global commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050, Honda aims to expand its EV lineup in China, introducing a total of 10 Honda-brand EV models by 2027 and targeting EVs to comprise 100% of its automobile sales in China by 2035.