BMW CE O2 in 2024

BMW CE O2 in 2024 showstoppers in EV 2-wheelers

The BMW CE 02 is meticulously crafted for effortless handling and unparalleled riding enjoyment. Equipped with Keyless Ride, you can effortlessly hop on and start your journey. Its elongated, low seat appears to hover over the iconic disc wheels, creating a distinctive and easily identifiable profile. You sense it. You embody it. The CE 02 offers an effortless ride accessible to nearly everyone.

Rise and shine! A fresh day awaits, brimming with opportunities for you to seize. But today holds something extraordinary. You’re not just rising to pursue your usual routine; you’re awakening to ignite something monumental. How? By embracing a revolutionary mode of transportation that propels you into a new realm, all in a matter of seconds.

Fully electric and effortlessly maneuverable, it navigates through narrow alleys and bustling streetscapes, effortlessly gliding through the very heart of your beloved city. This innovative vehicle defies conventions, boasting playful elements that turn heads and redefine the notion of riding enjoyment. With its visually striking design and whisper-quiet electric performance, it represents a revolution in urban transportation – combining style with environmental consciousness in a truly iconic package.

BMW CE O2 Designs and Specifications

Forget electric mopeds, pedelecs, or scooters – the eParkourer stands apart as the epitome of the new Urban Mobility movement. It glides through city streets with the agility and creativity of a traceur, effortlessly navigating its surroundings with speed and precision. Prepare to witness a storm of innovation as the eParkourer reshapes the urban landscape.
The distinctive silhouette of the CE 02 features a long, low seat that appears to hover above its iconic disc wheels, creating an immediately recognizable profile. For riders seeking a touch of exclusivity, the optional Highline package offers a more expressive design, complete with a seamlessly integrated SP Connect smartphone holder.

With the additional third riding mode, your excitement levels are sure to soar, while the heated grips ensure enhanced comfort during breezy rides. Plus, the inclusion of an external 1,200 W quick charger ensures you’re back on the road faster than ever before. With Backend Connectivity, managing your daily routine becomes a breeze, adding convenience to every ride.

BMW CE O2 Features

Navigate your riding experience effortlessly by utilizing the intuitive buttons on the handlebars to choose from a variety of modes tailored to your preferences. Opt for SURF mode for a leisurely coasting experience, allowing you to glide through your surroundings with ease and tranquility. Alternatively, select FLOW mode to seamlessly integrate into traffic, ensuring a smooth and harmonious journey.

For those seeking an exhilarating ride, the Highline package introduces the FLASH mode. True to its name, this mode offers a lightning-fast start and maximizes energy recovery, enabling you to surge ahead as soon as the traffic lights turn green. Embrace the thrill of being the first to arrive at your destination, experiencing the ultimate rush with every ride.

Recognizing the need to rejuvenate and power up, you can seamlessly recharge both yourself and your CE 02. Similar to recharging your smartphone, you can conveniently plug the CE 02 into a standard domestic socket outlet. With the optional quick charger, it takes merely three hours to charge from 0-80%. Once fully charged, it boasts an impressive estimated range of up to 59 miles, ensuring you have more than sufficient mileage to fulfill all your plans and ventures.