Mahindra Popular XUV700 AX5 Select at Rs16,89000

Mahindra Unveils XUV700 AX5 Select, Starting at ₹16.89 Lakh – Setting a New Standard for Accessible Luxury

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India’s foremost SUV manufacturer, has unveiled the new AX5 Select (AX5 S) variant of the XUV700, priced at an attractive ₹16.89 Lakh (ex-showroom). This latest addition aims to democratize luxury, offering high-end features at a more accessible price point, reinforcing Mahindra’s commitment to providing exceptional value to its customers.

Key Features of the XUV700 AX5 Select

The AX5 Select variant is designed to cater to those who seek luxury without the premium price tag. It includes an array of upscale features typically found in higher-end models.

Skyroof: Offering a panoramic view, adding a touch of elegance and spaciousness to the cabin.
Dual 26.03cm HD Super screen: A sophisticated infotainment and instrument display setup that enhances the driving experience.
Push-Button Start/Stop: For a seamless and convenient start to your journey.
7-Seater Configuration: Providing ample space for family and friends, making it perfect for long trips.
These features make the AX5 Select a compelling choice for customers who desire a luxurious SUV experience at an accessible price.

Campaign and Positioning

To promote the AX5 Select variant, Mahindra is launching a new campaign with the tagline “Fast forward to the big league.” This campaign highlights the significant leap in value and features that the AX5 Select offers, positioning it as the ideal choice for those who aspire to own a luxury vehicle without exceeding their budget. The AX5 Select represents a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and affordability, tailored for the next generation of achievers.

Innovation and New Offerings

Mahindra’s commitment to innovation is evident in its continuous introduction of new variants and updates. Recently, the company launched.

7-Seater MX Variant: Expanding options for the entry-level segment.
Blaze Limited Edition on the AX7L Trim: Featuring Blaze Red color, dual-tone black exterior elements, and an all-black interior with red accents, creating a bold and unique aesthetic.
Enhanced Customer Experience
To improve the customer experience, Mahindra has ramped up production capacity, significantly reducing waiting periods to typically within four to eight weeks, depending on the variant. This enhancement ensures that customers receive their vehicles promptly, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Global Reception and Pricing

The XUV700 has been well-received in international markets, including South Africa, Australia, Nepal, and New Zealand, since its launch in 2022, cementing its status as a global SUV. The updated ex-showroom prices for the XUV700 are as follows:

Variant Pricing

MX 5-str 13.99 Lakh14.59 Lakh
MX 7-str 14.49 Lakh14.99 Lakh
AX3 5-str 16.39 Lakh16.99 Lakh
AX5 Select 7-str 16.89 Lakh17.49 Lakh
AX5 Select Price is in Bold Letters

The introduction of the AX5 Select variant underscores Mahindra’s dedication to providing luxury, innovation, and value in the SUV segment. The XUV700 AX5 Select is set to redefine accessible luxury, offering premium features at a competitive price, making it an ideal choice for discerning customers.