New Safety Features For 15 Mercedes-Benz Models

Mercedes-Benz Automatic Lane Change (ALC) function Is Introduced in Europe-Wide Rollout for Enhanced Driving Assistance, which debuted in North America in 2023

Mercedes-Benz is set to revolutionize partially automated driving in Europe with the introduction of the Automatic Lane Change (ALC) function. Available through the Driving Assistance Plus Package, this intelligent system is now accessible in 33 European countries for 15 Mercedes-Benz models. The ALC feature, which debuted in North America in 2023, brings enhanced convenience and safety to drivers, allowing for automated lane changes on suitable motorways.

Comprehensive Availability

The ALC function is compatible with the following Mercedes-Benz models:


These models can be equipped with ALC either directly from the factory or via an over-the-air (OTA) update. Notably, around 200,000 cars already on the road in Europe can be upgraded with this new assistance function through OTA updates starting in September 2024.

Automatic Lane Change Features For 15 Mercedes-Benz Models

Seamless Over-the-Air Updates

Existing vehicles can receive the ALC function via the car’s mobile connection. The update process is straightforward and can be initiated through the MBUX infotainment system display or the Mercedes me App. Eligible models for this update include the current E-Class model series (214) and the CLE Coupé and Cabriolet, as well as the C-Class, S-Class, GLC, EQE, and EQS models from the 2023 modification year onwards.

Enhanced Driving Experience

The ALC function extends the capabilities of the more than 40 driving assistance systems already available from Mercedes-Benz. By enabling the car to automatically initiate lane changes on motorways when Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC is activated, the ALC function improves driving convenience and safety. This system is particularly useful for overtaking slower vehicles and navigating motorway exits and junctions.

Innovative Driving Technology

Markus Schäfer, Chief Technology Officer at Mercedes-Benz Group AG, highlighted the significance of this development:

Mercedes-Benz continues to showcase its innovative prowess with the introduction of the Automatic Lane Change (ALC) function, a significant advancement in driving assistance systems. Developed concurrently for North America, Europe, and China, ALC caters to the specific needs of local markets. Notably, this marks the first time Mercedes-Benz offers such a driving function via an over-the-air update, reflecting our commitment to cutting-edge technology and customer convenience.

Operational Details

The ALC function operates within a speed range of 80 to 140 km/h on suitable motorways, which must have at least two separate lanes. The car’s radar sensors and cameras continuously monitor the surroundings to ensure safe lane changes. The system also aids in navigating to relevant motorway junctions or exits when route guidance is active.

As a Level 2 system, the ALC requires the driver to remain responsible for driving at all times. The navigation system must recognize a suitable motorway, and the car’s cameras must detect lane markings and sufficient free space for the system to operate.


Mercedes-Benz continues to lead in automotive innovation with the introduction of the Automatic Lane Change function, enhancing the driving experience with advanced safety and convenience features. With a broad rollout across Europe and the ability to upgrade existing vehicles via over-the-air updates, Mercedes-Benz ensures that a significant number of drivers can benefit from this cutting-edge technology.