Skoda Auto India Implements New Strategy

Skoda Auto Implements New Corporate Identity For Future Plans

Skoda Auto India is embarking on a transformative journey by implementing its New Corporate Identity (CI) across its physical assets, including dealerships, service centers, and other customer touchpoints. This move follows the introduction of the new CI in communications and marketing in 2023, marking a significant step in Skoda’s New Era in India.

Key Highlights of the New Corporate Identity Implementation:

Comprehensive Rebranding: Extending the new CI to dealerships and other portals with updated signage and logos.
Fastest Market Rebranding: India is set to become the fastest market to rebrand all its facilities with the new corporate identity.

Logo Update: The iconic Winged Arrow logo will be replaced with the Skoda wordmark.
Color and Illumination: Incorporating Emerald Green during the day and Electric Green illumination after dusk.

Commitment to Digitalization and Customer Experience

This rebranding effort is part of Skoda Auto India’s broader strategy to digitalize showrooms and elevate customer experiences. Embracing digitalization has been a key component of our outreach. We are now prepared to advance to the next stage, which encompasses updating our dealerships and all customer touchpoints.

Symmetry and Aesthetics in Design

Skoda Auto India’s new styling and typeface utilize a unique typography based on symmetry to convey solidity, combined with round shapes and borders to express fluidity. This design philosophy, known as Modern Solid, has been guiding the brand’s aesthetics since 2022. The transition to the Skoda wordmark ensures uniformity in communication and imagery across all customer touchpoints.

Dynamic Lighting for Enhanced Visual Appeal

The New Corporate Identity includes innovative lighting for dealership premises, allowing signages to transition from a sedate Emerald Green in the day to a vibrant Electric Green at night. This dynamic lighting approach ensures variety while maintaining consistency with Skoda’s signature colors, enhancing the customer interface with elegant and eye-catching details.

Digital and Non-Product Innovations

In line with Skoda Auto India’s New Era, the brand has been actively engaging customers through various digital platforms. The “Name Your Skoda” campaign received over 200,000 entries, demonstrating strong customer interaction. Additionally, the Skodaverse India platform saw a rapid uptake of 128 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and introduced the Skoda Gearheads membership program, offering premium merchandise and exclusive benefits to customers.

Milestones and Future Plans

Skoda Auto India marked its 24th anniversary with a 24-hour digital sale on March 24, 2024, garnering 709 bookings through digital channels. The rapid implementation of the new Corporate Identity underscores Skoda Auto India’s commitment to localization and customer-centric innovation. All customer touchpoints are expected to be rebranded in time for the launch of the new compact SUV in 2025.


Skoda Auto India’s rebranding initiative is a testament to its dedication to providing an enhanced customer experience through digital innovation and cohesive brand identity. By aligning its physical and digital assets, Skoda Auto India is poised to lead the market with a consistent and engaging customer journey.