Thar 5-Door Ready to Launch in 2024

Thar 5-Door ready to launch in mid-2024 with more awaited features

In the ever-evolving landscape of SUVs, Mahindra is gearing up to introduce a 5-door version of its immensely popular Thar. Having undergone extensive testing for over a year and a half, the 5-door Thar promises to bring a host of new features and enhancements, setting it apart from its 3-door counterpart.

One notable upgrade in the 5-door Thar’s interior is a larger touchscreen, housed in a redesigned dashboard. Anticipated to be around 10 inches, this touchscreen is expected to offer an improved interface and graphics compared to the 3-door Thar. While the overall layout of the dashboard, including AC vents, HVAC controls, and toggle switches, will remain unchanged, the larger touchscreen adds a touch of modernity to the cabin.

An exciting addition to the new SUV is the introduction of individual armrests for the front seats and rear AC vents, features absent in the 3-door model. These additions contribute to enhanced comfort for both the driver and passengers. The rear seating configuration remains a mystery, with the test mule showcasing dummy seats, leaving enthusiasts curious about Mahindra’s final decision on the arrangement.

In the realm of technology, the 5-door Thar is expected to boast an upgraded instrument cluster with a larger Multi-Information Display (MID), possibly borrowed from the Scorpio N. Another noteworthy inclusion is a dashboard camera, a valuable feature for both daily commutes and off-road adventures. Additionally, the test mule flaunts a single-pane sunroof, adding a touch of openness to the cabin.

While the 3-door Thar faced criticism for its 7-inch screen’s mediocre interface and size, the 5-door variant steps up with a larger touchscreen. Enthusiasts anticipate this upgrade to eventually make its way to the 3-door model, aligning it with the industry norm of 8-inch screens.

The 5-door Thar is designed to cater to SUV enthusiasts seeking a practical vehicle for daily commuting and off-road escapades. Its feature-rich interior, coupled with additional creature comforts, aims to distinguish it from the 3-door Thar, which remains a dedicated off-roader. Camouflaged test mules hint at subtle design alterations, ensuring the 5-door variant stands out.

Under the hood, the SUV is likely to retain the robust 2.2-litre diesel and 2.0-litre petrol engines, coupled with 6-speed manual and automatic transmissions. While maintaining the off-road prowess of its predecessor, adjustments to the suspension setup are expected to accommodate the longer wheelbase and added weight.

Enthusiasts can anticipate the debut of the 5-door Thar around April 2024, with an anticipated price range of Rs 13 lakh to Rs 20 lakh (ex-showroom). As Mahindra continues to push the boundaries of SUV innovation, the 5-door Thar looks poised to make a bold statement in the competitive SUV market.

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