The Neolun Concept Won The 2024 Red Dot Design Award

The Genesis Neolun Concept’s victory in the 2024 Red Dot Design Award for Design Concept within the Cars and Motorcycles category is a testament to the brand’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence in design.

Genesis Neolun Concept Wins Design Concept Discipline in Cars and Motorcycles Category
The Genesis Neolun Concept has won the prestigious 2024 Red Dot Design Award in the Cars and Motorcycles category for Design Concept, further solidifying Genesis’ reputation as a design-led brand. This accolade highlights the innovative and visionary approach of Genesis, particularly in the realm of electric vehicles.

A Groundbreaking Unveil

The Neolun Concept was globally unveiled in March at Genesis House New York, marking Genesis’ first foray into full-size electric SUVs. This concept vehicle encapsulates the brand’s future vision, seamlessly blending Genesis’ distinctive design philosophy with cutting-edge technological features to offer a luxurious mobility experience that transcends traditional transportation.

Exterior Design: Timeless Elegance

The exterior design of the Neolun Concept exemplifies a bold and minimalist approach, eliminating unnecessary elements to capture timeless beauty. In line with this reductive design principle, the electric side steps are discreetly integrated into the exterior and automatically deploy when the doors open, providing both assistance and convenience to passengers.

Interior Design: Luxury and Innovation

Inside the Neolun Concept, the cabin design reflects a luxurious lifestyle, incorporating Genesis’ design principle known as the “Beauty of White Space.” This principle is evident in the spacious and elegant cabin, where the front-row seats feature a swiveling function, allowing passengers to fully utilize the ample space.

Enhancing the luxurious ambiance is the radiant heating system, inspired by Korea’s traditional “ondol” heating mechanism, which efficiently warms the entire vehicle. The advanced sound system enriches the multi-sensory experience with immersive audio delivered through strategically placed speakers. When deactivated, these speakers elegantly rotate into a crystal sphere centerpiece, adding to the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal.

The Red Dot Design Award

For several decades, the Red Dot Design Award has been one of the world’s largest and most prestigious design competitions, recognized globally as a hallmark of design excellence. The Design Concept discipline of the competition celebrates visionary ideas and prototypes that push the conventional boundaries of creativity and practicality. Winning this award reaffirms Genesis’ commitment to pioneering design and innovation.


As Genesis continues to push the boundaries of automotive design and technology, the Neolun Concept stands as a shining example of what the future holds. With its blend of timeless elegance, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious features, the Neolun Concept is poised to redefine the landscape of electric vehicles. This concept vehicle not only sets a new standard for electric SUVs but also embodies the luxurious, innovative, and culturally rich future of Genesis.