Daimler India Introduces eCanter

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Introduces eCanter, the Battery-Electric Truck, to the Indian Market

Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Introduces Next-Generation eCanter, a Step Towards Decarbonization in India” Daimler India Commercial Vehicles (DICV), a subsidiary of Daimler Truck AG, has announced the market launch of the Next Generation eCanter, an all-electric light-duty truck, in India. This move signifies DICV’s entry into the Indian battery electric commercial vehicle market and its expansion into the light-duty truck segment.

The eCanter is set to be introduced in the market within the next six to twelve months, marking DICV’s initial stride towards decarbonizing its product portfolio in the long term. Aligned with Daimler Truck’s commitment to the Paris Climate Protection Agreement, DICV aims to make CO2-neutral transport a reality and contribute to combating climate change. The company envisions achieving CO2-neutral transportation solutions globally by 2050, with a target to achieve the same in India as soon as possible.

Satyakam Arya, Managing Director & CEO of Daimler India Commercial Vehicles, emphasized the importance of transitioning towards CO2-neutral propulsion technologies and expressed the company’s dedication to delivering sustainable transportation solutions in India. The eCanter, originally developed by Daimler Truck’s subsidiary Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) in Japan, has seen success in markets worldwide since its launch in 2017.

With the world premiere of the Next Generation eCanter in Japan and Europe in 2022, the electric truck has garnered significant attention and adoption. Offering more than 40 variants between 4.25 and 8.55 tons, the eCanter is equipped with various body options to suit diverse customer requirements. DICV, established in 2012, has been instrumental in transforming the Indian commercial vehicle industry with its BharatBenz brand of trucks and buses.

With a focus on engineering, safety, and comfort, BharatBenz vehicles have set new benchmarks in the industry. DICV has exported over 240,000 trucks and buses since its inception and is committed to becoming CO2-neutral by 2025. To support its sustainability goals, DICV’s facility near Chennai relies heavily on renewable energy sources, with close to 90% of its energy requirements being met through renewable sources. The company’s Solar Photovoltaic Unit generates 4.6 MW of renewable energy annually, significantly reducing CO2 emissions.

Additionally, DICV has implemented initiatives such as a concentrated solar thermal plant to further reduce its environmental footprint. With a diverse workforce of over 4,000 employees, DICV’s plant in Chennai is an integral part of Daimler Truck’s global production network. It is the only location worldwide producing engines, transmissions, trucks, and buses for four brands – BharatBenz, FUSO, Mercedes-Benz, and Freightliner.

About eCanter

The eCanter is revolutionizing urban transportation with its zero-emission capabilities and reduced noise levels, making it ideal for inner-city deliveries. Its electric platform ensures excellent performance while minimizing vibrations, thus reducing driver fatigue. With lower maintenance costs and greater energy efficiency, coupled with advanced safety features, the eCanter represents a new era in logistics, bringing people, society, and the future closer through sustainable transportation.

eCanter Specs

One of the key advantages of electric vehicles is their simple mechanical design, which, when combined with FUSO’s advanced technology, delivers a safe, efficient, and high-performance electric truck. Designed for silent citywide deliveries, the eCanter’s electric motor provides smooth stop-start driving without the need for clutch/gear shifts. Its high gradeability allows it to navigate steep slopes effortlessly, making it suitable for night-time and early-morning operations in urban areas where noise restrictions apply.

Powered by electricity, the eCanter offers superior performance compared to diesel engines in its class. Its electric motor generates immense torque, enhancing driving comfort and efficiency. Equipped with six high-performance lithium-ion battery packs, each with a capacity of 370V/13.5kWh, the eCanter boasts a range of approximately 100 km per charge. It can be conveniently charged using either normal AC charging or quick DC charging compliant with the CCS2 protocol, ensuring flexibility and convenience for operators.