Bentley Motors Expands New Range of Satin Paint

Bentley Motors Expands Range of Satin Paint Finishes for Even Greater Personalization Options

Bentley Motors, renowned for its luxury and craftsmanship, has expanded its bespoke exterior satin paint finish range to 15 unique color options. This expansion is a response to the growing demand from customers seeking even more opportunities to personalize their Bentley vehicles. The diverse palette includes everything from classic and understated tones to bold and contemporary colors, ensuring there is a perfect option for every Bentley model and owner preference.

A Showcase of Craftsmanship

Every Bentley featuring a satin finish undergoes a meticulous painting process that takes up to 55 hours. This labor-intensive process is conducted by skilled craftsmen and women at Bentley’s Excellence Centre for Bespoke Paint. The vehicle is initially painted in a gloss color before being hand-sanded, cleaned, masked, and then cleaned again. A clear lacquer is then hand-applied in two stages to achieve a flawless and uniform satin finish. Each car is meticulously inspected and signed off by an independent Production Quality Team to ensure it meets the highest standards.

The Dream Factory and Bespoke Paint Development

The satin paint finishes are developed at Bentley’s Dream Factory in Crewe, England. The development process involves a team of experts who draw inspiration from the latest design technologies and trends. Each color undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets Bentley’s standards of craftsmanship, quality, and durability. The unique satin finishes interact with light in a distinctive way, scattering light particles across the car’s surface, which accentuates the vehicle’s styling lines in a way that gloss finishes do not.

Personalization through Mulliner

Bentley’s in-house bespoke division, Mulliner, allows customers to commission completely unique satin paint finishes. The division’s expansion of the satin paint range exemplifies Bentley’s commitment to offering limitless personalization options. In 2023, 75 percent of Bentley customers added Mulliner content to their vehicles, demonstrating the strong demand for bespoke personalization. With the new range of satin finishes, customers can express their individuality, whether they prefer a timeless and elegant look or a more dynamic and modern aesthetic.

Available Models and Future Developments

The 15 satin paint finishes are available across Bentley’s entire product range, including the Continental GT, Continental GT Convertible, Bentayga, Bentayga Extended Wheelbase, and Flying Spur. These options are also available for Bentley’s recently announced Mulliner Batur Convertible, the third coachbuilt Bentley of the modern era.

Starting in 2025, all satin paint applications will be conducted in Bentley’s new state-of-the-art Paint Shop, further enhancing the precision and quality of the paint finishes.

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The Full Satin Paint Palette

Bentley Motors expanded satin paint palette includes the following options, available through Bentley Motors’ website configurator and global retailer network:

Anthracite Satin
Royal Ebony Satin
Storm Grey Satin
Light Sapphire Satin
Sequin Blue Satin
Topaz Blue Satin
Orange Flame Satin
Alpine Green Satin
British Racing Green Satin
Candy Red Satin
Cricket Ball Satin
Extreme Silver Satin
Light Grey Satin
Arctica Satin
Old English White Satin
These options provide Bentley customers with an unparalleled level of customization, ensuring their vehicles are as unique and distinguished as they are.