Honda Elevate 2023 Price Features Reviews

At first glance, the Elevate reveals Honda’s revamped strategy for the crucial SUV segment in India – a segment that could very well determine the brand’ Breaking away from their traditional mold of crafting sleek vehicles, Honda has boldly ventured into new territories with the Elevate.

Honda Elevate Exteriors

Honda Elevate proudly towers with a stature of 1,650mm and boasts an unparalleled ground clearance of 220mm, showcasing Honda’s willingness to adapt and soar in the Indian market.”
Honda has delivered exactly that, even if it meant breaking away from its usual style. The Elevate, with its robust, upright stance, stands as evidence of Honda’s adaptability—a significant step in the right direction. While Honda might have arrived late at the SUV party in India, it has certainly made a grand entrance. In a sea of mid-sized SUVs, the Elevate distinguishes itself with its imposing vertical grille and generous proportions. Its squared-off, upright front end sets the tone for the Elevate’s commanding appearance, with a high bonnet line seamlessly blending into the elevated window line, which extends gracefully to the C-pillar.

Honda has chosen a restrained approach when it comes to adding design lines and creases on the sides, unlike some Korean counterparts. However, they have added just the right amount of muscular definition to the wheel arches. Notably, unlike the ‘under-tyred’ City, the Elevate boasts proper 215/55 R17 tires, complemented by stylish 17-inch alloys (exclusive to the top-of-the-line ZX variant), giving the wheel arches a well-proportioned look. Robust front and rear scuff plates, functional roof rails, a substantial C-pillar, and side cladding come together to create an unmistakable SUV appearance.

Attention to detail shines through in the front and rear light clusters, enhancing the Elevate’s aesthetics. The slim headlight cluster nicely contrasts with the large grille and features LED turn signals and both high and low beam LED lights. The dual-LED tail-lights not only look stylish but also widen the Elevate’s visual presence.”

Honda Elevate Features

Honda Elevate 2023 Price Features Reviews

Honda’s much-hyped Honda Sensing system, a fancy term for its camera-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), impresses with a few caveats. The Lane Keep Assist (LKA) function, for instance, kicks in only above 72 km/h and depends on clearly marked lanes to work its magic. However, the Adaptive Cruise Control shines gracefully adjusting your speed to maintain a safe following distance from the car in front.

The real question is, how many of these Honda Sensing features will you realistically use? In India, where the road conditions can be rather unpredictable, some of these ADAS functions might find themselves out of their depth.

Honda Elevate Price

At an introductory price ranging from Rs 11 lakh to 16 lakh, ex-showroom and varies on-road price state to state which includes, road-tax, insurance.

Honda Elevate Engine Transmission

It comes with 1.5L DOHC petrol engine in BS6 Norms, offering a balance between fuel efficiency and power.  1.5L Petrol churns out 121 bhp @6600rpm and a torque output of 145nm @4300rpm.The engine comes with two transmissions 6-speed MT, CVT

Honda Elevate Reviews

Honda has truly hit the bullseye with the Elevate, and it’s evident in the way it effortlessly conquers the realm of dynamics. This SUV stands in a league of its own when it comes to how it navigates the road. The steering, in particular, is a class-leading gem within the mid-size SUV category. It boasts pinpoint accuracy, offering a delightful featherlight touch at low speeds, which then gradually firms up as your speedometer climbs.

The Elevate sets an entirely new standard for ride and handling, leaving its competitors in the dust. The equilibrium between the front and rear ends is simply perfect, resulting in surprisingly minimal body roll for an SUV of this stature. This translates into a driving experience that’s both predictable and confidence-inspiring, especially when threading it through challenging corners. Even the brakes exhibit a commendable progressive behavior, effortlessly assuring you that there’s no shortage of stopping power, despite the presence of drums rather than discs at the rear.

Its long-travel suspension, with damping tuned slightly towards the firmer side, orchestrates a symphony of road manners. The body control is nothing short of fantastic, and the Elevate stands rock-solid even when hurtling down rain-soaked highways adorned with standing water. Nevertheless, the Elevate eats up road imperfections for breakfast, even with tires sporting shorter sidewalls compared to its peers.

Now, let’s summarize – the price and verdict. The Honda Elevate has certainly piqued the curiosity of many, but it’s wading into the fiercely competitive waters of today’s market. While its Honda badge alone might be reason enough for some buyers, others may be lured in by its imposing road presence and stylish aesthetics. Beyond the surface, the Elevate makes a compelling case for itself with its comfortable cabin. The rear seat is a clincher, offering generous legroom and headspace.

Nonetheless, the Elevate presents an enjoyable driving experience, and it’s an easy companion for your daily commute. It’s remarkably competitive, with the top-of-the-line ZX models undercutting rivals that share similar powertrains. For those in search of a dependable and practical SUV, the Honda Elevate definitely deserves a spot on your shortlist.