TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Review: The New DNA

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Design

Apache RTR 310 is the ultimate expression of the freestyler that comes with power-packed features like a multi-information race computer, launch control, TVS SmartXConnect for smart connectivity, and 5 ride modes for different riding conditions.

It is known for its sharp and aggressive styling, inspired by the predatory stance of a shark. The Bi-LED Cyborg LED headlamps, which are the brightest in the segment automatically throw and adjust the brightness according to the speed and ambient light conditions for better visibility.

The twin-strip LED backlight has a free-flowing design that is unique from others. It also comes with dual-colored 8-spoke alloys.
The cylinder head on RTR is designed for best-in-class heat management by cooling the temperature and driving optimum performance with higher revving.

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Features

A Supermoto mode for playtime, cruise control for stress-free rides, and a lot more. Apache RTR 310 comes with a Hyper Spec trellis frame with a light aluminum sub-frame. The freestyler also gets KYB suspension honed and tuned by experts – 41 mm USD forks at the front and pre-load adjustable mono-shock at the rear. Meticulously crafted.

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Review: The New DNA

The RTR 310 showcases an exceptional Reverse Inclined DOHC engine, fine-tuned for robust torque delivery throughout its power spectrum, coupled with an ARAI certification mileage of 30 km/l for Urban Mode, Rain Mode, and 28 km/l for Sport Mode, Track Mode, and Super Moto Mode so that you can keep freestyling your way. It also comes with Superior Michelin Road 5 tires which provide better grip and stability in cornering.

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Engine

Now, let’s dive into the heart of this motorcycle—the 312cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine borrowed from the Apache RR310.

StartingElectric start
Idle speed1600 ± 200rpm
Bore to stroke ratio1.29
Compression ratio12.17 ± 0.35:1
Power to weight Ratio0.15 kW/kg
Cooling systemLiquid Cooled
ClutchWet multi-plate -7 plate design, RT slipper clutch
Air filterDry Paper Type
Gearbox6 speed

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Performance

The Apache RTR 310 offers a balance of performance suitable for both city commuting and spirited weekend rides. The brand-new Apache RTR 310 is an unparalleled blend of freestyle finesse, boasting standout capabilities such as an advanced racing dashboard, intuitive launch control, and the innovative TVS SmartXConnect for seamless connectivity. 5 ride modes for different riding conditions, a Supermoto mode for playtime, cruise control for stress-free rides, and a lot more.
When it comes to handling, the new RTR embraces the quintessential TVS essence—nimble, instinctive, reliable, and effortless. It excels as a road sport bike, effortlessly conquering winding roads with grace. We also put it to the test on the track, and while it provided a reasonably enjoyable experience, it’s not the kind of bike that revels in aggressive pushing. The Michelin Road 5 tires offer exceptional grip, but you’ll find yourself reaching the limits of cornering clearance relatively quickly, especially if you’re a taller rider maneuvering around on the bike.

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Pricing, Variants

The Apache RTR 310 is presented with a spectrum of choices, each offering a slightly distinct riding experience. The base variant, priced at Rs 2.43 lakh, omits the quick-shifter but still embraces a rich feature set, encompassing the vibrant TFT screen, dynamic LED headlight, and essential technologies like non-cornering ABS, traction control, and cruise control. Should you desire the quick-shifter, a mere Rs 15,000 more brings it to a total of Rs 2.58 lakh, while opting for the eye-catching yellow color scheme elevates the price to Rs 2.64 lakh.

For those seeking the pinnacle of sophistication, there’s the Dynamic kit, priced at an additional Rs 18,000, which adds adjustable suspension, TPMS, and a luxurious brass-coated chain. And if you’re truly after the apex of cutting-edge features, the Dynamic Pro kit beckons at Rs 22,000, which includes a climatic control seat and IMU-assisted rider aids. At this juncture, you’ll find yourself crossing the Rs 3 lakh threshold. Opting for the opulent Sepang Blue color scheme further escalates the investment by an additional Rs 10,000, making it a truly exclusive proposition.

TVS Apache 2023 Rtr 310 Verdict

However, on the road, it operates seamlessly, intervening gently when necessary without feeling overbearing. Even on loose gravel surfaces, it maintains a smooth and gradual approach, never abruptly cutting power.

With the unveiling of the Apache RTR 310, TVS introduces a fresh and more adaptable contender in the 310cc range. It artfully combines the admirable attributes of the RR310, sprinkling it with an array of enhanced features. However, it’s hard to ignore the inherent imperfections it carries from its predecessor. After seven years, one wonders if it’s high time for TVS and BMW to reimagine this engine, especially when juxtaposed with the evolving competition in power and sophistication.