Kia Corporation Global Sales Report For May 2024

Kia Corporation Reports May 2024 Global Sales of 264,313 Units, Marking a 2.1% Year-Over-Year Decline

Kia Corporation announced its global sales figures for May 2024, reporting a total of 264,313 units sold, which represents a 2.1% decrease compared to the same period last year. This decline reflects the challenging market conditions and the competitive automotive landscape.

Global Sales Overview

Total Global Sales: 264,313 units (down 2.1% Y/Y)
Sales Outside Korea: 217,819 units (down 0.6% Y/Y)
Sales in Korea: 46,110 units (down 8.3% Y/Y)

Market Performance Outside Korea

In markets outside Korea, Kia sold 217,819 units in May 2024, marking a slight decrease of 0.6% from the previous year. The Sportage SUV led these sales with an impressive 46,025 units sold. Other strong performers included:

Seltos SUV: 21,524 units
K3 (Forte): 21,285 units
Domestic Sales in Korea
Kia’s domestic market saw sales of 46,110 units, reflecting an 8.3% decrease compared to May 2023. Leading the sales in Korea were:

Sorento SUV: 7,487 units
Carnival MPV: 7,211 units
Sportage SUV: 6,644 units
Leading Models
Kia’s SUV lineup continues to dominate its sales:

Sportage SUV: 52,669 units globally
Seltos SUV: 27,644 units globally
Sorento SUV: 22,610 units globally

Future Outlook

Kia remains committed to driving growth through innovative and appealing products. The upcoming launch of the all-electric Kia EV9 three-row SUV, which has already been named World Car of the Year and World Electric Vehicle at the 2024 World Car Awards, is highly anticipated. Additionally, the new all-electric EV3 is set to launch in the second half of 2024, expected to further bolster Kia’s market position.

Detailed Sales Data

SubjectMay 2024May 2023YoY ChangeApril 2024MoM Change2024 YTD (May)2023 YTD (May)YTD Change
Korea Sales46,11050,275-8.3%47,505-2.9%231,237241,101-4.1%
Overseas Sales217,819219,186-0.6%213,3272.1%1,053,2901,054,429-0.1%
SPV Sales384548-29.9%451-14.9%1,5842,127-25.5%
Total Sales264,313270,009-2.1%261,2831.2%1,286,1111,297,657-0.9%

Kia Corporation continues to navigate the evolving automotive market, leveraging its strong SUV lineup and innovative electric vehicles to drive future growth. For more information on Kia’s latest models and sales performance, visit Kia Global.
Monthly sales figures are unaudited and preliminary, subject to future updates.
Special purpose vehicle (SPV) sales are recorded separately from 2023 and include various specialized vehicles. Figures include both domestic and international sales.