Land Cruiser 250 Series Launch

Land Cruiser launches “250 Series” only in 8000 units; available in VX and ZX variants

The Land Cruiser lineup’s latest addition, the “250” series, represents a pivotal model designed to excel on rugged terrains while catering to the diverse needs of its users. They are introducing the exclusive Land Cruiser special edition cars: the ZX “First Edition” and the VX “First Edition”, celebrating the debut of the “250” series. These special editions, limited to 8,000 units each, epitomize the essence of the Land Cruiser’s return to basics.

By reintroducing the Land Cruiser name across all models, the positioning within the Land Cruiser lineup becomes clearer, reaffirming its heritage and legacy. The “250” series aims to continue its evolution as a trusted companion for customers worldwide, meeting the ever-changing demands of society while staying true to its core values of simplicity and reliability.

In a departure from the trend towards luxury that the Land Cruiser Prado has seen over time, the development team focused on restoring the light-duty model to its original essence. Embracing the concept of “return to basics,” the Land Cruiser “250” series embodies simplicity, durability, and practicality, aligning with customers’ desires for a reliable and robust vehicle that supports their daily lives.

Land Cruiser “250 Series” Reliability

The Land Cruiser “250” series shares the robust GA-F platform with its predecessor, the “300” series, ensuring exceptional performance on challenging terrains. It introduces several innovations, including electric power steering (EPS) and SDM (Stabilizer with Disconnection Mechanism), marking a first for the Land Cruiser lineup. EPS reduces kickback during off-road adventures and enhances handling on and off the road. The SDM enables the locking or unlocking of the front stabilizer with a simple switch, balancing off-road capability with on-road comfort and stability.

Land Cruiser “250 Series” Engine

Moreover, the “250” series offers two powertrain options: a 2.8L direct injection turbo diesel engine paired with Direct Shift-8AT transmission, and a 2.7L gasoline engine with 6 Super ECT transmission. These powertrains deliver robust performance and excellent environmental efficiency. Power is distributed to all four wheels through full-time 4WD equipped with a Torsen® LSD in the center differential. The electric rear differential lock further enhances drivability on rough terrain while optimizing front and rear driving force distribution for superior stability.

Land Cruiser “250 Series” Key Features

Round Bi-Beam LED headlamp with auto-leveling function, LED clearance lamp with greeting function, and LED daytime running lamp. 265/70R18 tires mounted on 18×7 1/2J matte black aluminum wheels. Emergency steering support with active steering function, front cross-traffic alert, and lane change assist.
Advanced Drive for traffic jam support, and a driver monitor camera for added safety awareness.

The ZX “First Edition”, based on the ZX grade with a 2.8L diesel engine, boasts distinctive features such as round Bi-Beam LED headlamps and matte black painted aluminum wheels with 18-inch off-road tires, accentuating its rugged origins.

On the other hand, the VX “First Edition” is available in two variants, equipped with either a 2.8L diesel engine or a 2.7L gasoline engine. These models come in special exterior colors like sand, complemented by unique interior hues. Safety is paramount, with Toyota Safety Sense featuring advanced functions and Toyota Team Mate for enhanced security.