T GLOSS: Toyota’s New Brand In 2024

T GLOSS: An-Exclusive Car Detailing Solution of Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Toyota Kirloskar Motor Pvt. Ltd. (TKM) has unveiled its groundbreaking car care brand, “T GLOSS”, in line with its customer-centric approach. This marks TKM’s entry into the car detailing realm, addressing the surging demand for top-notch car detailing services in India. With its range of solutions tailored exclusively for Toyota vehicles, TKM aims to revolutionize the car care industry, ensuring a delightful ownership experience for customers. Commencing May 1, 2024, “T GLOSS” treatments will be available at every authorized Toyota dealership across India, offering customers easy access to premium car care solutions delivered with utmost professionalism.

Setting an industry precedent, “T GLOSS” will provide an extensive array of services designed to enhance a vehicle’s appearance both inside and out. These include ceramic coating, underbody coating, silencer coating, and internal panel protection, not only augmenting the aesthetic appeal but also offering protection against environmental elements.

Customers can opt for comprehensive services such as interior enrichment and exterior beautification, breathing new life into their vehicles and restoring their aesthetic charm. Moreover, prioritizing passenger well-being, “T GLOSS” services extend to AC duct cleaning and evaporator cleaning, fostering a pristine ambiance and promoting a healthier driving environment. With meticulous attention to detail, these services aim to rejuvenate vehicle interiors and exteriors, instilling a renewed sense of pride and satisfaction in Toyota owners.

Mr. Sabari Manohar, Vice President of Sales-Service-Used Car Business at Toyota Kirloskar Motor, expressed enthusiasm about the initiative, highlighting “T GLOSS” as an innovative venture reflecting TKM’s steadfast commitment to prioritizing customers. He emphasized the growing trend among car owners towards quality vehicle maintenance, with “T GLOSS” poised to cater to their needs by ensuring vehicles remain in excellent aesthetic condition.

“T GLOSS” serves as a holistic solution, offering high-quality car care tailored specifically for Toyota vehicles, thereby ensuring safety and preservation to facilitate a serene ownership experience. This launch signifies yet another significant milestone in TKM’s journey of providing Toyota owners with comprehensive car care solutions aligned with the brand’s core values of quality, durability, and reliability (QDR).

In addition to its diverse service offerings, “T GLOSS” emphasizes customization and flexibility to accommodate varied customer needs. The services will be executed by highly skilled and trained professionals, guaranteeing the use of premium materials and meticulous service delivery to preserve the vehicle’s aesthetics, both inside and out.

Over the years, TKM has continually enhanced customer experiences throughout the purchase and ownership journey, introducing timely and relevant initiatives such as the “Awesome New Car Delivery Solution” and the 5-Year Complimentary Roadside Assistance Program. These endeavors, coupled with specialized schemes, reaffirm TKM’s commitment to making the dream of owning a Toyota vehicle a reality while ensuring a joyful ownership experience for existing customers.