Toyota New BEV bZ3x and bZ3C

Toyota unveils bZ3x bZ3C in Beijing Motor Show 2024

Toyota Motor Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Toyota) is set to showcase its initiatives in China aimed at transitioning into a mobility company centered on intelligence, electrification, and diversification, alongside products and services tailored to meet customer needs. At the Beijing International Motor Show *, our exhibition revolves around the theme of fostering new value through innovation.

During the event, we unveiled the world premiere of the new battery electric vehicles (BEVs) “bZ3C” and “bZ3X,” with a commitment to achieving carbon neutrality through various pathways.

Hiroki Nakajima, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer of Toyota, addressed attendees at a press conference held on the same day, posing the question, “What BEV will bring smiles to Chinese customers?” He then proceeded to introduce the new models, the ‘bZ3C‘ and ‘bZ3X‘.

Following the introduction of a concept car at last year’s Shanghai International Motor Show, these models have undergone enhancements in preparation for mass production. Both models are slated to hit the market in China within the coming year.

The “bZ3C” is a crossover BEV developed in collaboration with BYD TOYOTA EV TECHNOLOGY Company Ltd., FAW Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and Toyota Intelligent Electric Vehicle Research and Development Center (China) Ltd. (referred to as “IEM by TOYOTA”). It features active and iconic styling based on the concept, catering to the needs of young customers, often referred to as Generation Z, by providing a personalized space.

On the other hand, the “bZ3X” is a family-oriented SUV type BEV jointly developed by Toyota, Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Toyota Motor Co., Ltd., and IEM by TOYOTA. It is designed around the concept of “COZY HOME,” aiming to offer a comfortable mobile living environment with high performance.

Both models come equipped with the latest driver assistance systems and smart cockpits, ensuring safe and comfortable driving experiences while delivering new experiential value. Toyota remains committed to realizing a future of mobility characterized by diversity and happiness, tailored to the unique needs of customers in each region.