Nissan NEV For A New Era In 2024

Nissan’s Electrifying Showcase: Four NEV Concepts Unveiled at Beijing Motor Show

Nissan revealed a captivating theme, as it unveiled four innovative new energy vehicle (NEV) concepts and presented a robust lineup of electrified models. This showcase emphasized Nissan’s latest accomplishments and its future trajectory in electrification. Additionally, Nissan made a significant announcement, stating its intention to introduce one more NEV to the market than previously anticipated, resulting in a total of five planned vehicle launches by fiscal year 2026.

Makoto Uchida, Nissan’s President and Chief Executive Officer, articulated the company’s vision, stating, “To foster sustainable growth amidst the rapidly evolving Chinese market landscape, Nissan remains dedicated to a China-centric strategy outlined in our new business plan, ‘The Arc’.” He further elaborated, “Commencing with the introduction of new energy vehicles based on the concepts unveiled today.

Nissan aims to construct a well-rounded product portfolio comprising diverse and competitive new models. Our objective is to deliver a more exhilarating mobility experience to all customers across China.”
The four NEV concept models unveiled, consisting of two EVs and two plug-in hybrids, are the result of a collaborative effort with local partner Dong Feng. These models are specifically designed to cater to the evolving mobility needs of customers in China.

The Nissan Epoch Concept, an EV sedan, targets urban and suburban dwellers seeking to elevate their lifestyles with cutting-edge design and technologies. Featuring an AI-enhanced Internet of Things, this concept boasts a virtual personal assistant capable of enhancing comfort and convenience through emotion-recognition communication.

On the other hand, the Nissan Epic Concept, an EV SUV, is tailored for adventurous city couples who relish weekend exploration. Equipped with autonomous driving capabilities for both city streets and highways, this vehicle doubles as a mobile power source, providing electricity for various applications such as equipment, campsites, or outdoor gatherings.

Moving on to the Nissan Era Concept, a plug-in hybrid SUV, caters to urban lifestyles and appeals to young professionals who view their vehicle as a home away from home. With an integrated entertainment system and zero-gravity seats, coupled with advanced e-4ORCE all-wheel control and active air suspension, this concept ensures a comfortable and confident driving experience.

Lastly, the Nissan Evo Concept, a plug-in hybrid sedan, is ideal for family getaways, offering advanced driver support and safety features alongside an AI-enhanced virtual personal assistant. Together, these concepts demonstrate Nissan’s commitment to delivering innovative and personalized mobility experiences to customers.

Additionally, Nissan showcased the Nissan Hyper Force Concept and Nissan Hyper Punk Concept, previously unveiled at the Japan Mobility Show. The Hyper Force Concept prioritizes driving pleasure, environmental performance, and comfort, targeting racing enthusiasts and eco-conscious drivers. Meanwhile, the Hyper Punk Concept, presented digitally, aims to inspire self-expression through AI-driven mood detection and personalized music and lighting selection.

Furthermore, Nissan introduced its new brand campaign, “Excitement by Ni,” emphasizing innovation and enriching lives. With a focus on intelligence and electrification, Nissan aims to lead in providing exciting mobility experiences tailored to individual preferences in China and beyond. Through strategic partnerships and ongoing transformation efforts, Nissan is poised to deliver innovative mobility solutions that resonate with customers’ evolving lifestyles and preferences in the Chinese market.